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Nov 25 2014

NYIT Architecture Students Design and Build Beach Project

Nov 18 2014

NYIT Celebrates International Education Week

Nov 10 2014

Men’s Soccer Wins ECC Championship with 1-0 Victory over LIU Post

Nov 07 2014

Dr. Jerry Balentine New Vice President for Medical Affairs and Global Health

Nov 07 2014

NYIT Management Students Advance to Fed Challenge Semi-Finals

Dec 01 2014

Job Search Strategies

Dec 01 2014

Head in the Cloud? Protecting Your Privacy in a Mobile World

Dec 01 2014

Give ‘Em the Business: Resources for Management Students

Dec 02 2014

“Year of Turkey 2014” - Conference: Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry-A Global Perspective

Dec 02 2014

School of Engineering & Computing Sciences Graduate Info Session

Resolving Questions

As a student of the School of Management there will be many questions that will arise as you pursue your academic degree. What classes are being offered? What courses should I be taking? How can I get information on Study Abroad? This page will facilitate your ability to find the proper person for your specific question!


Bring your question to the:

ACADEMIC ADVISOR or PROGRAM ADVISOR: if the question or issue involves general questions about NYIT or the School of Management, or your overall school experiences. This might involve your schedule, adding or dropping a course, registration, advisement on your program, getting tutoring, career development, directions to a location, or information on how to find someone. Academic Advisors can resolve almost all questions with the exception of those that are about performance in a class you are taking or a problem/issue that you are having with an instructor in a class you are taking (those go to the department chairperson: see below). The Academic or Program Advisor that you would speak to depends on the program and location where you are studying:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Old Westbury
Ms. Maria Dinanno ( 516.686.7920)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Manhattan
Ms. Riddhi Patel Doshi ( 212.261.1601)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Abu Dhabi
Dr. Gantasala Prabhakar (Associate Dean:
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Nanjing
Dr. Keh Kwek (Assistant Dean: )
Master in Business Administration - Old Westbury
Ms. Marie Belizaire-Chery ( 516.686.7972)
Master of Business Administration - Manhattan
Ms. Yu Sze Ang ( 212.261.1595 )
Master of Business Administration - Abu Dhabi
Dr. Gantasala Prabhakar (Associate Dean:
Master of Business Administration - Vancouver
Dr. Petra Dilling (Associate Dean: )
Bachelor of Professional Studies - New York
Ms. Petra Chandar ( 212.261.1764)
Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations - Old Westbury
Ms. Patricia Brustman ( 516.686.7722)
Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Labor Relations - Manhattan
Mr. William Ninehan ( 646.273.6071)
BS/MBA in Accounting - New York
Dr. Joo-Kwang Yun (Chairperson: 516.686.1173)
Executive Master of Business Administration
Dr. Scott Liu (Associate Dean 516.686.7462)

Additional information on how to each your academic advisor can be found in the Staff Directory  .

  • COURSE INSTRUCTOR: if the question or issue pertains to an issue within a course that you are enrolled in. This can involve your performance in the class or the rapport you have with the instructor him/herself. These questions might also involve requirements for the class, grades on tests and assignments, absences, due dates, questions on the syllabus, questions on a lecture, or the grade received in the class. Information on how to contact your instructor is typically located on the class syllabus. It can also be obtained from your Academic Advisor or by checking in the faculty directory. Questions on a class that are not resolved following discussion with the Course Instructor are brought to the Department Chairperson or Campus Coordinator (See below) who oversees the course;
  • DEPARTMENT CHAIRPERSON or CAMPUS COORDINATOR: if the question or issue involves something specific to a class you are taking, and if you have not been able to resolve the question or issue with the Course Instructor. It is always best to speak with the Course Instructor first. You can also ask Department Chairs about the programs that they oversee, as they can help you with general questions about those programs, although these questions can also be brought to the Academic or Program Advisors (see above). Generally speaking, the following Department Chairs/Campus Coordinators will work with you to resolve questions and issues that you have been unable to resolve with your Course Instructor in a class you are taking:

Accounting or Finance (New York)
Dr. Joo-Kwang Yun (Chairperson:  516.686.1173);
Human Resource Management or Law (New York)
Dr. Maya Kroumova (Chairperson: 516.686.7722);
Management, International Business, Quantitative Methods, Small Business and Entrepreneurship (New York)
Dr. Rajen Tibrewala (Chairperson: 516.686.1236);
Marketing, Economics, or Management Information Systems (New York)
Dr. Benjamin Khoo (Chairperson: 516.686.1323);
Hospitality Management (New York)
Dr. Robert Koenig (Associate Dean: 212.261.1552)

All programs Abu Dhabi
Dr. Gantasal Prabhakar (Assistant )
All programs Vancouver
Dr. Petra Dilling (Associate Dean: )
All programs Nanjing
Dr. Keh Kwek (Assistant Dean: )
All Executive programs
Dr. Scott Liu (Executive Associate Dean: 516.686.7462)

  • EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE DEAN or ASSOCIATE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF THE SCHOOL (if outside of New York): if the question or issue cannot be resolved by the Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator or the Academic/Program Advisor. It is always best to resolve the question or issue first with the Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator or Academic/Program Advisor (see above) prior to bringing it to the attention of the Executive Associate Dean or Chief Executive of the School (outside of New York). Most questions and issues can be resolved by discussing them first with the Course Instructor, Academic/Program Advisor, or Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator:. If not, then contact: 

Associate Chief Executive (New York)
Dr. Diamando Afxentiou (Executive Associate Dean: 212.261.1602)
Associate Chief Executive (Global)
Dr. Scott Liu (Executive Associate Dean: 516.686.7462)
Associate Chief Executive (Abu Dhabi)
Dr. Gantasala Pradhakar (Assistant Dean: )
Associate Chief Executive (Nanjing)
r. Kew Kwek (Assistant Dean: )
Associate Chief Executive (Vancouver)
Dr. Petra Dilling (Associate Dean: )

  • ACADEMIC DEAN: only if the question or issue has not been resolved by the Executive Associate Dean or the Associate Chief Executive of the School (outside of New York). It is always best to follow the hierarchy above before presenting the issue to the Academic Dean since it is the Dean's responsibility to channel the question/issue back to proper individual if you have not addressed the question or issue with others first. That is, writing to the Academic Dean will not resolve the question or issue faster, since you must first see the proper individual, above. There are very few issues or questions that require the attention of the Academic Dean, as most issues and questions can be resolved at another level.

Academic Dean and Chief Executive of the School (all locations)
Dr. Jess Boronico ( 516.686.7838)

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