Eta Sigma Delta Honor Society

In 1978, a group of students from the identified a need to recognize hospitality and tourism students for outstanding academic achievement, meritorious service and demonstrated professionalism. Today, there are over 60 active Eta Sigma Delta chapters throughout the world. The growth is testament to the dedication of both students and professionals in hospitality and tourism to the pursuit of academic, professional and personal excellence.The guidance and support of International CHRIE has made it possible for ESD to grow. It is the intent that this Society will lead hospitality and tourism educators and professionals to the highest levels of professionalism and achievement.

eta sigma delta

Eta Sigma Delta Benefits

The professional benefits of Eta Sigma Delta include an opportunity for outstanding students to distinguish themselves in the eyes of educators, recruiters and industry executives in an increasingly competitive industry.

  • Provide a networking system through chapters that allows for interaction and the exchange of information among students;
  • An Eta Sigma Delta column regularly appears in the ICHRIE monthly newsletter;
  • From an organizational standpoint, ESD can serve as a means of uniting outstanding students for campus activities, fundraisers and volunteer programs; and
  • Educational benefits include the opportunity for ESD chapters to provide a stimulus for students to strive for academic excellence. 

Eta Sigma Delta Membership Eligibility

The ESD Society will grant membership to the following categories of individuals: Students, Alumni, Graduate Student, and Honorary.  To be eligible for membership in Eta Sigma Delta, the International Hospitality Management Honor Society, an undergraduate student must:

  • be enrolled in an institution that belongs to International CHRIE,
  • have completed fifty percent (50%) of the credit hours required for graduation,
  • have officially been declared as a hospitality management major,
  • have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.6 in a 4.0 system,
  • be in the top 20% of the class, and
  • agree to uphold the values of excellence, leadership, creativity, service, and ethics.

For more information visit or please contact:

Robert Koenig
Faculty Advisor: CHRIE
Phone: 212.261.1552

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