Vanaja Menon Vadakepat, Ph.D.

Vanaja Menon Vadakepat

Vanaja Menon Vadakepat, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Marketing Studies

Rank: Associate Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Marketing
Education: Ph.D. - University of Calicut

Member of NYIT since: 2008
Administrative Title: Dir. of Professional Enrichment (Abu Dhabi)

Campus: Abu Dhabi
Office: CERT Technology Park, Al Muroor Rd., Block F2, Office 18
Phone: +9712.4048.518

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Vadkepat, V. & Al-Khateeb F. (2012) “Globalizing rural markets: Evidence from handmade traditional product markets;” Global Journal of Business Research 6(4):35-XX 

Vadkepat, V. and Sarkar M. (2012), “Women participation: Paradoxes in management of small scale industries; Urban – Rural disparities;” International Journal of Business Management 7(1): 143-150

Vadkepat, V. (2011) “Market Realities for Indigenous Traditional Products: Threat Analysis for Kerala Cottage Industries,” Paper presented in the International Journal of Arts & Science Conference, Marketing, Rome, October 31 – November 4, 2011

Vadkepat, V. (2011) “Do customer preferences have profound impact on market share? Exploratory research on UAE retail markets;” World Journal of Social Science 1(4):72-84

Vadkepat, V. (2011) “Chinese brands at the crossroads: Demand state in Kerala market;” Chinese Business Review 10(6):424-428

Vadkepat, V. and Karunakar R. (2011) “Disproportions in tertiary education- A Kerala perspective;" in Challenges of Twenty First Century: A Trans-Disciplinary Perspective; India: Macmillan Advanced Research Series.

Vadkepat, V. “Disadvantage in technical education: Socio-economic challenges faced by rural women in Kerala;" in Women Education for Empowerment; Puducherry: Pinnacle Publishers.

Vadkepat, V. (2010) “SMS advertisement: Competitive to Gulf market?” Asian Journal of Marketing 4:(2):131-143

Vadkepat, V. (2010) “Art of marketing village crafts: Challenges in applying quantitative marketing to resist recession,” International Review of Business Research Papers Journal 6(5):196-205

Vadkepat, V. (2009) “Marketing and consumerism in Abu Dhabi”, published in the proceedings of the 3rd Asia Pacific Marketing International Conference, Sarawak, Malaysia, December 10-12.

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