William J. Lawrence, Ph.D.

William J. Lawrence, Ph.D.
  School: Management
Department: Management Science Studies
  Rank: Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Entrepreneurial Studies
Education: Ph.D. - New York University
  Member of NYIT since: 1996
Administrative Title
: NA

Representative Intellectual Contributions:

Kutasovic, P. & Lawrence, W. (2011) "Developments in the oil market: implications for future prices;" International Business and Financial Research Proceedings 6(1):402-412.

Weidong, S. & Lawrence, W. J. (2011) “Research on sustainable development issues in the vision of game theory;” International Business and Management 2(1):129-134.

Lawrence, W. J. & Chang, J. (2010) “Cloud computing for education: how innovative use of cloud computing in entrepreneurship studies and executive re-education can help create jobs and economic growth;” Modern Engineering and Technology Program and Conference Paper Abstract; November; Taiwan: 86-87.

Lawrence, W. J. & Chang, J. (2010) “Cloud computing and virtualization: The entrepreneur without borders workbench for 21st century enterprise development;” Global Science and Technology Forum; International Journal on Computing 1(1):99-105.

Lawrence, W. J., Silverman, S. & Chang, J. (2010) “Gen 3.0 and the evolution of virtual opportunities for the 21st century ‘entrepreneurs without borders;’” Cloud Computing and Virtualization proceeding; May:20-27.

Weidong, S.& Lawrence, W. J.(2010) “Business clusters development history and the creation of industrial clusters;” Technoeconomics and Management Research; 6 (Fall):116-119.

Weidong, S. & Lawrence, W. J. (2010) “Expanding the US-China cooperation on service programs: new opportunities for both countries;” Chinese Business Review; 9(3):51-57.

Weidong, S. & Lawrence, W. J. (2010) “Strategy analysis on relieving the trade friction between China and America---from the angle of Chinese industrial clusters;" Chinese journal Science and Technology Progress and Policy; January:97-99.
Weidong, S. & Lawrence, W. J. (2010) “A Cluster Approach towards enhancing Chinese- American Trade Opportunities;” International Journal of Business and Management; 5(2):44-51.

Lawrence, W.J. & Weidong, S. (2009) "Smoothing the US-China trade opportunities;" International Business Studies: Bridging East and West; Academy of International Business (AIB) Northeast Annual Conference-2009 proceedings; October 1-4; New York Institute of Technology, New York: 246-253.

Contact Information

Phone: 212.261.1568
E-Mail: wlawrence@nyit.edu
Campus: Manhattan
Office: 16W.61st Street 307