Tareq Al-Tawil, Ph.D.

  Tareq Al-Tawil, Ph.D.
  School: Management
Department: Human resource Management Studies
  Rank: Assistant Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Corporate and Commercial Law
Education: Ph.D. - University of Manchester
  Member of NYIT since: 2010
Administrative Title
: NA


Representative Intellectual Contributions:

Al-Tawil, T (2013) "Corrective justice and deterrence: can they coexist?" The European Journal of Legal Studies 6(1):109-125.

Al-Tawil, T. (2013) "Damages for breach of contract: compensation, cost of cure and vindication," Adelaide Law Review  34(2):351-377.

Al-Tawil, T (2013) "Letters of credit and contract of sale: autonomy and fraud," International Trade and Business Law Review 16:156-224.

Al-Tawil, T (2012) "The efficient breach theory: the false assumptions and reasons," Journal of Contract Law 28(1&2):150-188.

Al-Tawil, T (2012) "The efficient breach theory: the transparency objection," Journal of Contract Law 28(3)218-236.

Al-Tawil, T (2012) "On the topic of the divergence between legal and moral obligations in common law," Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 25(1):5-37.

Al-Tawil, T (2011) "Does restitution for wrongdoing give effect to primary or secondary rights?" Canadian Journal of law and Jurisprudence 24:243-275.

Al-Tawil, T (2011) "The efficient breach theory: the moral objection," Griffith Law Review 20(2):414-446.

Al-Tawil, T, Lucy, W. (2009) Promises, contracts, and remedies: the efficient breach theory versus routine specific performance; Unversity of Manchester.

Contact Information

Phone: +9712.4048.606
E-Mail: taltawil@nyit.edu
Campus: Abu Dhabi
Office: Office 13, Block F2, CERT Technology Park, Al Muroor Road, P. O. Box 5464, Abu Dhabi