Scott Liu, Ph.D.

Scott Liu

Scott Xianfang Liu, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Marketing Studies

Rank: Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Marketing
Education: Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University

Member of NYIT since: 1997
Administrative Title: Senior Executive Associate Dean for Global Programs/Director of the Center for International Business Studies

Campus: Manhattan/Old Westbury
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 423/Wisser Library 307
Phone: 212.261.1589/516.686.7462

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Liu, X. (2013) " Seeking innovation vs playing by the old rule; Shangjie Business Review; November.

Liu, X. (2013) " Microsoft and Nokia: big acquisition but may have been too late;" Shangjie Business Review; October.

Liu, X. (2013) "The failing concept of focus strategy: a case in the information technology industry;" Shangjie Business Review; September.

Liu, X. (2013) "The difference lies in the build-in checking mechanism in the economic systems: a comparison between east and west;" Shangjie Business Review; August.

Liu, X. (2013) "With the build-in checking mechanism in the economic systems: the comparison between east and west;" Shangjie Business Review; July.

Liu, X. (2013) "Better understanding of current China based on Wexler's Principle of Internal-External Consonance;" Shangjie Business Review; June.

 Liu, X. (2013) "China's real estate: property tax and social responsibility;" Shangjie Business Review, p 63; May.

 Liu, X. (2013) "Apple's rise and fall: the competition between a closed system and an open system;" Shangjie Business Review, p 32; April.

Liu, X. (2013) "Year end entertainment and freedom of competition;" Shangjie Business Review; March.

Liu, X. (2012) Business Strategy: To Win by Thinking Different; The Central Party School Publisher; Beijing, China.

Liu, X. (2011) "The comparison of strategic approaches between east and west;" Shangjie Business Review; August 18.

Liu, X. (2011) "Why BestBuy's experiencing approach failed;" Shangjie Business Review; April 25.

Harris, P., Kinela, K., Liu, S.X., Malindretos, J. (2011) "Foreign exchange exposure: an overview;" The Institute for Business and Finance Research Annual Conference; January 25; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Sizong, W., Chao, Y., Liu, S.X. (2010) "The cause for globalization and pattern of multinational's profitability;" AT Business Management Review; January.

Liu, X. (2010) "Detail management vs. macro-management;" Shanjie Business Review; January: 52-56.

Liu, X. (2010) "The real estate valuation in the context of government policy;" Shanghai Securities News, p C8; May 5.

Liu, X. (2010) "A turning point: China's economy after the bubble burst;" Economists' Roundtable Discussion on China's Economy; Foreign Language Press; Beijing, China.

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