Rajen K. Tibrewala, Ph.D.

Rajen K. Tibrewala

Rajen K. Tibrewala, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Management Science Studies

Rank: Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Information Sciences
Education: Ph.D. - Columbia University

Member of NYIT since: 2008
Administrative Title: Department Chairperson

Campus: Manhattan/Old Westbury
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 308/Wisser Library 343
Phone: 646.273.6052/516.686.1236
E-Mail: tibrewal@nyit.edu

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Gil, A., Biger, N. and Tibrewala, R. (2010) "Understanding and mitigating direct investment risk in the Indian real estate market;" Business and Economics Journal 2:1-10.

Gil, A., Biger, N. and Tibrewala, R. (2010) "Determinants of dividend payout ratios: evidence from United States;" The Open Business Journal 3:8-14.

Gil, A., Tibrewala, R. and Poczter, A. (2010) "Effects of transformational leadership on student educational satisfaction and student stress;" The Open Education Journal 3:1-9.

Tibrewala, R. (2009) "Eco-Jet Airlines;" Journal of Business Case Studies; The Clute Institute for Academic Research; 5(6):67-72.

Gil, A., Biger, N., Pai, C., Tibrewala, R. and Nagpal, V. (2009) "Factors that affect the commitment to continue studies among business students: a comparative study of Asian and Canadian students studying in Canada;" The Open Education Journal 2:25-33;

Tibrewala, R. (2009) "A case study in operations: aggregation of analytical techniques;" 2009 IABR and TLC Conference Proceedings; March 17; San Antonio, TX.

Tibrewala, R. (2009) "Experiential learning at School of Management New York Institute of Technology," 2009 IABR and TLC Conference Proceedings; March 19; San Antonio, TX.

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