Purushottam Meena, Ph.D.

Purushottam Meena

Purushottam Meena Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Management Science Studies

Rank: Assistant Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Operations Management
Education: Ph.D. - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Member of NYIT since: 2013
Administrative Title: N/A

Campus: Old Westbury
Office: Wisser Library 343
Phone: 516.686.7787
E-Mail: pmeena@nyit.edu

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Meena, P.L. and Sarmah, S.P. (2013) "Multiple sourcing under supplier failure risk and quantity discount: a genetic algorithm approach;" Transportation Research Part E; 50(1): 84-97.

Meena, P.L. and Sarmah, S.P. (2012) "Development of a supplier satisfaction index model;" Journal of Industrial Management and Data Systems; 112(8): 1236-1254.

Meena, P.L., Sarmal, S.P. (2012) "Sourcing decisions under stochastic demand and risk of supply disruptions;" The 44th Annual Convention of Operational Research Society of India (ORSI); January 6-8, 2012; Kolkata, India.

Meena, P.L., Sarmal, S.P., Sarkar, A. (2011) "Sourcing decisions under risks of supply disruption: a heuristic approach;" International Journal of Business, Strategy and Management; 1(1): 307. 

Meena, P.L., Sarmal, S.P., Sarkar, A. (2011) "Sourcing decisions under risks of catastrophic event disruptions;" Transportation Research Part E; 47(6): 1058-1074.

Meena, P.L., Sarmal, S.P., Sarkar, A. (2011) "Supplier selection under the risk of supply disruption;" International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Meena, P.L., Sarmal, S.P. (2011) "Heuristic for sourcing decisions under risk of supply disruptions;" International Conference on Advances in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Management (ASCMM); December 16-18, 2011; Kharagpur, India.

Meena, P.L., Sarmal, S.P. (2010) "Measuring Suppliers Satisfaction in Buyer-Supplier Relationships;" International Conference on Advances in Industrial Engineering Applications (ICAIEA); January 4-6, 2010; Chennai, India

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