Michelle Liu, Ph.D.

Michelle Liu

Michelle Liu Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Accounting and Financial Studies

Rank: Assistant Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Accounting
Education: Ph.D. - Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Member of NYIT since: 2013
Administrative Title: N/A

Campus: Manhattan
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 506
Phone: 646.273.6121
E-Mail: mliu15@nyit.edu

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Liu, M. (2013) "IPO firms, operating activities, and IPO underperformance;" Northeast Business and Economic (NBEA) Conference; November 7-9, 2013; Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA (proceedings to follow).

Liu, M. (2013) "Affiliated directors, executive turnover, and accounting irregularity investigations;" American Accounting Association (AAA) Northeast Region Meeting; October 24-26; Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Liu, M. (2013) "The role of outside advisors in accounting irregularity investigations;" Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW) Conference; March 13; http://raw.rutgers.edu/Spring2013.

Liu, M., Leone, A. (2010) "Accounting irregularities and executive turnover in founder-managed firms;" The Accounting Review; January; 85(1): 287-314.

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