Maya Kroumova, Ph.D.

Maya Kroumova

Maya Kroumova, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Human Resource Management Studies

Rank: Associate Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Human Resources & Industrial Relations
Education: Ph.D. - Rutgers University

Member of NYIT since: 2006
Administrative Title: Department Chairperson

Campus: Manhattan/Old Westbury
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 411/500 Building, Room 517
Phone: 212.261.1667/516.686.7722

Representative Intellectual Contributions

 Kroumova, M. & Lazarova, M. (2013) "Flexible work time as a strategic HRM tool - a cross-cultural comparison;" 40th Annual Conference on the Northeast Business and Economics Association; November 7-9, 2013; Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

Kroumova, M. & Lazarova, M. (2011) "Flexible work arrangements in Europe and North America - HRM practices and cultural factors that promote their use/disuse;" Academy of International Business Meeting; June; Nagoya, Japan.

Kroumova, M.(2011) "Does culture moderate the relationship between incentives and performance?" 2011 European Academy of Management; June; Tallin, Estonia.

Kroumova, M. & Lazarova, M. (2010) "Variable pay, national culture and firm performance;" 26th EGOS Colloquium; July; Lisbon, Portugal.

Kroumova, M. & Lazarova, M. (2010) "Understanding the use of variable pay practices across cultures and its effect on firm performance;" Academy of International Business Annual Conference; July; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Kroumova, M. & Lazarova, M. (2009) "Broad-based incentive plans, HR practices, and company performance;" Human Resource Management Journal 19(4):355-374.

Sesil, J. & Kroumova, M. (2009) "Broad-based stock options: before and after the market downturn;" International Journal of Human Resource Management 19(8):1471-1485.

Sesil, J., Kroumova, M., Kruse, D. & Blasi, J. (2009) "Broad-based employee stock options in the U.S. - company performance and characteristics;" Management Revue 18(1):5-23.

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