Krishnamurti Chandrasekar, Ph.D.

Krishnamurti Chandrasekar

Krishnamurti Chandrasekar, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Marketing Studies

Rank: Associate Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Economics
Education: Ph.D. - New School for Social Research

Member of NYIT since: 1969
Administrative Title: N/A

Campus: Manhattan
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 307
Phone: 212.261.1569

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Chandrasekar, K. (2012) "Review of relationship between corporate governance and R&D input;" Journal of Applied Financial Research; 2: 37-49.

Ren, H., Chandrasekar, K. and Li, B. (2012)"Moderating effects of board and managerial incentive on the relationship between R&D investment and firm performance-evidence from listed manufacturing firms in China;" The Journal of International Management Studies 7(1):41-55.

Zhang, J., Hualin, P. and Chandrasekar, K. (2010) "Product architecture, cultural endowment, and organization of division of labor: A study in the formation, mechanism of international trade structure in horizontal specialization;" Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review 6(1):44-50.

Afxentiou, D. and Chandrasekar, K. (2009) "The U.S. labor market: a historical comparison;" Northeast Business & Economics Association Conference Proceedings; November 7-8; Boston, MA.

Chandrasekar, K. (2011) "Review of relationship between corporate governance and R&D input;" Academy of Business Research Winter Conference November 14; Las Vegas, NE.

Chandrasekar, K. (2009) "Current financial crisis and the macroeconomic response;" presented to the public and academic community at NYIT; March 28; Amman, Jordan.

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