Keh Kwek, M.B.A.

Keh Kwek

Keh Kwek, M.B.A.

School: Management
Department: Accounting and Financial Studies

Rank: Assistant Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Finance
Education: M.B.A. - New York University

Member of NYIT since: 2009
Administrative Title: Assistant Dean and Department Assessment Director (Nanjing)

Campus: Nanjing
Office: 9 Wenyuan Road
Phone: +86.25.85866717

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Chief Operating Officer with 4U Systems, Inc. (U.S., 2008 - 2009) responsible for finance, strategic planning, business operations and marketing

Director with MASFIN Investments (Australia, 2006 - 2008) responsible for international financing, strategic planning, organization assessment and restructuring

Senior Vice President with Sovereign Bank (U.S., 2002 - 2005) responsible for product management and marketing

Maintenance of Status

Professional financial and management consulting services to the following Chinese companies: Nanjing Ruifu Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Fujian International Exhibition and Commerce, Co., Ltd. (China, 2009 - present)

Member of the Board of Directors of Nanjing Ruizhi Trading Co.; Ltd. (China, 2010 to present)

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