Irwin Gray, Ph.D.

Irwin Gray

Irwin Gray, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Management Science Studies

Rank: Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Management
Education: Ph.D. - Columbia University

Member of NYIT since: 1977
Administrative Title: N/A

Campus: Manhattan
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 305
Phone: 646.273.6152

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Gray, E. H., Gray, I, Sotiropoulos, V. (2013) "Reducing costs, increasing quality through organizational technological change: a case study in a hospital setting;" presentation at the Eurasian Business and Economic Society Conference; January 2013; Rome, Italy.

Gray, E. H., Gray, I., Yodice, P. C., Rezai, F. and Fless, K. (2011) “The role of quality measures in pre- and post-decision analysis of an organizational change;” Quality Management Journal 18(4):9-24.

Gray, I. (2011) "Learning from a classroom manufacturing exercise;" RS INFORMS Transactions on education 10(2):77-89.

Gray, I. (2010) "A different culture: same concerns--Chinese managers and motivation theory;" Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review 6(1):79-86.

Gray, I. and Jianxin, Y. (2009) "Checks and balances: management's antivenom for poisoned brands;" Northeast Business & Economics Association; November 5; Worcester, MA.

Gray, I. (2009) "A different culture: same concerns;" Academy of International Business; Northeast Annual Conference 2009; October 2; New York Institute of Technology, New York, NY.

Gray, I., (2009) “Chinese managers and motivation theory: a different culture but same concerns as in U.S. – some predictions: effects of China’s manpower changes;” Academy of International Business (AIB) Northeast 2009 Annual Conference; October 1-4; New York Institute of Technology, New York, NY.

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