Frank Lorne, Ph.D.

Frank Lorne

Frank Lorne, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Marketing Studies

Rank: Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Economics and Sustainable Development
Education: Ph.D. - University of Washington

Member of NYIT since: 2008
Administrative Title: N/A

Campus: Vancouver
Office: 701 W Georgia St., Room 1713
Phone: 604.639.0942 x5908

Representative Intellectual Contributions

Lorne, F., Lai, L., Chau, K.W., Lee, C. (2014) "The informational dimension of real estate development: a case of 'a positive non-inverventionist' application of the Coase Theorem;" Land Use Policy: 41: 225-232.

Lorne, F., Lai, L. (2014) "Ambiguous property rights: a taxonomic and exploratory account of post-colonial rural housing in Chinese Hong Kong;" Urban Studies: 51(10): 2055-2067.

Lorne, F., Lai, L., Lu, W. (2014) "A catallactic framework of government land reclamation: the case of Hong Kong and Shenzhen; Habitat International; 44: 62-71.

Lorne, F., Tau, X.H. (2014) "The cost of financial innovations - a digression on derivatives as WMD;" Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly; 445: 136-139 (April 2014) and 127-130 (May 2014).

Lorne, F., Lai, L. (2014) "Transaction cost reductions and innovations for spontaneous cities; promoting a 'meeting' between Coase & Shumpeter;" Planning Theory; 13(2): 170-188.

Lorne, F. (2013) "Multi-screen video communication for business and economics lessons for MBA schools of the 21st century;" Scientific Journal; 2: 526-537.

Lorne, F. et al (2013) "Perception of reality via multi-media communication in MBA classrooms;" Journal of Arts and Humanities; 6: 44-54.

Lorne, F., et al (2012) "Acquisition and redevelopment of business depots: a Hong Kong land policy and planning case study;" Habitat International; 39: 75-84.

 Lorne, F. (2012) “War and Peace: Economic Rationale for Preserving Heritage;” Surveying and Built Environment 21(2):  8-11

Lorne, F. & Dilling P. (2012) “Creating Values for Sustainability: Stakeholder Engagement, Incentive Alignment, and Value Currency;” Article ID 142910, doi:10.1155/2012/142910, 1-9

Lorne, F. & Lai, L. (2011) “Schumpeterian Innovations for Regulated Natural Monopoly as a Corporate Strategy;” International J. of Information Systems for Logistics and Management 7(1), Vol. 7, No. 1, Dec 2011, 1-7

Lorne, F. & Lai, L. (2011) “Schumpeterian Innovations for Regulated Natural Monopoly as a Corporate Strategy;” Conference Proceedings of Eighth Annual International Symposium for Engineering and Management, Aug.22-25, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan.

Lorne, F. (2010) “A Framework for Understanding Property Right Creation: Quantity Vs. Quality Dimensions of Properties;” Surveying and Built Environment 21(1):9-27.

Lorne, F. (2009) “Charrette as Coasian Sustainable Development Negotiation: A case study of Britannia Beach;” Surveying and Built Environment 20(1):58-76.

Lorne, F. (2009) “Macro-entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development: The Need for Innovative Solutions for promoting Win-Win Interactions;” Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 10(2): 69-85

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