Diamando Afxentiou, Ph.D.

Diamando Afxentiou, Ph.D.
  School: Management
Department: Marketing Studies
  Rank: Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Labor Economics
Education: Ph.D. - West Virginia University
  Member of NYIT since: 1990
Administrative Title
: Executive Associate Dean and Director of Experieintial Education (New York)

Representative Intellectual Contributions:

Afxentiou, D. (2013) "Effects of public housing on young adults future educational attainments and earnings;" proceeding Northeast Business and Economic Association; to be published in November 2013.

Afxentiou, D. and Kutasovic, P. (2011) "Empirical evidence on wage polarization: a panel analysis;" Journal of Business and Economic Studies 17(1):48-64.

Afxentiou, D. and Kutasovic, P. (2010) "Does college education pay? Evidence from the NLSY-79 data;" Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education Research 3(1):119-126.

Afxentiou, D. and Chandrasekar, K. (2009) "The U.S. labor market: a historical comparison;" Proceeding,  Northeast Business and Economic Association; November 5-7; Worchester, MA.

Afxentiou, D. (2009) "Trends in the labor market;" presentation at the NYIT School of Management Conference on the Outlook for the U.S. and Regional Economy and the Prospects for the Financial Markets; March 27.

Afxentiou, D. and Kutasovic, P. (2009) "Is the wage gap between high school and college graduate widening? A panel analysis;" Eastern Economic Association; February 28.

Afxentiou, D. (2008) "A comparative analysis of wage inequality in the early 2000's;" Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review 4(2):65-73.

Contact Information

Phone: 212.261.1602/516.686.3937
E-Mail: dafxenti@nyit.edu
Campus: Manhattan/Old Westbury
Office: 26 W. 61st Street 510/Wisser Library 312