Deborah Cohn, Ph.D.

Deborah Cohn

Deborah Cohn, Ph.D.

School: Management
Department: Marketing Studies

Rank: Associate Professor
Primary Domain of Expertise: Marketing
Education: Ph.D. - Baruch College (CUNY)

Member of NYIT since: 2010
Administrative Title: Director of Professional Enrichment (New York)

Campus: Manhattan/Old Westbury
Office: 26 W. 61st Street, Room 422/Wisser Library 314
Phone: 646.273.6154/516.686.7710

Representative Intellectual Contributions

 Vaccaro, V., Cohn, D. (2013) "The bright side: an examination of green marketing product strategies for sustainability with diffusion of innovation characteristics;" European Journal of Business Research 13(3): 135-142.

Cohn, D., Vaccaro, V. (2013) "A consumer values analysis of attitudes towards green vehicle purchase;" forthcoming 40th Annual Northest Business & Economics Conference and Proceedings; November 7-9, 2013; Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.

Cohn, D. (2013) "And baby makes three: changes in gift prediction accuracy during the transition to parenthood;" The Clute Institute International Academic Conference; Markch 18-20; Key West, Florida.

Cohn, D. (2013) "Deliberate inaccurate preference prediction in gift giving between spouses;" The Clute Institute Key West International Academic Conference and Proceedings; March 18-20, 2013; Key West, Florida.

Vaccaro, V., Ahlawat, S., Cohn, D.(2010) "Diffusion of innovation, marketing strategies, and global consumer values for a high technology product;" International Journal of Business Strategy 10(3):113-128.

Cohn, D. (2010) "Exploring origins of ethical company/brand perceptions - a consumer perspective of corporate ethics;" Journal of Business Research 63(12):1267-1268.

Vaccaro, V., Cohn, D. (2010) "Green marketing, diffusion of innovation, and global consumer values for sustainability;" Northeast Business & Economics Association; September 30-October 2; Morristown, NJ.

Cohn, D., Vaccaro, V., Ahlawat, S. (2010) "The relationship of diffusion of innovation and adoption of a high technology product to market strategies and global consumer values;" Korean Academy of Marketing Science and Society for Marketing Advances; 2010 Global Marketing Conference; September 9-12; Tokyo, Japan.

Schiffman, L. G., Cohn, D. (2009) "Are they playing by the same rules? A consumer gifting classification of marital dyads;" Journal of Business Research 62(11):1054-1062.

Cohn, D., Sherman, E., Schiffman, L. G. (2009) "An examination of a firm-level model of green marketing strategies;" Global Business and Technology Association Eleventh Annual International Conference; July; Prague, Czech Republic.

Schiffman, L. G., Cohn, D., Sherman, E. (2008) " Looking in on global consumer-users: to develop better product feature sets;" Tenth International Conference of the Global Business and Technology Association Proceedings: 1012-1019; July 8-12; Madrid, Spain.

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