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Jan 20 2015

NYIT Selected to Participate in Epicenter’s Pathways to Innovation Program

Jan 13 2015

NYIT Ranks Among 2015 U.S. News Best Online Programs

Dec 23 2014

Architecture and Medical Students Launch Global Competition for Healthy Designs

Dec 18 2014

BBC to Feature Home2(O) Project in News Segment

Dec 12 2014

NYIT Wins Grant to Develop STEM Programs

Mar 28 2015

Graduate Open House: Old Westbury

Mar 30 2015

Summer 2015 Registration Begins

Mar 30 2015

Info Session: Minor in Energy Science, Technology and Policy

Mar 30 2015

Teaching International Students: Lunch in Manhattan

Mar 31 2015

Research Boot Camp: Pulverizing Plagiarism

Individual Faculty

School of Management faculty members maintain responsibilities in teaching, scholarship, and service. They are the school's most important resource in terms of supporting our most valued stakeholder group, specifically, our students. Faculty also provide significant outreach to communities, both locally and around the globe, and generate intellectual capital for the school through their ongoing scholarly activity.

Service is a critical element of the each faculty member's portfolio of responsibilities in terms of providing mentoring and academic assistance to our students, as well as assisting in the administrative oversight of critical components of the school's mission-advancing Strategic Plan. Faculty members also provide service to the citizenship of the world, at large - including their local stakeholder groups and community, industry, and the academic profession.

Faculty members generate intellectual capital for the school and NYIT through their continual inquiry into the academic disciplines. Currency in each faculty member's respective domain of expertise is maintained through scholarship and the creation of peer-reviewed intellectual contributions. These contributions ensure that our students continue to receive education and teaching by faculty scholars that are both aware of and contributing to existing and emerging practices in the business domain.

By far the greatest responsibility for the faculty of the School of Management is their teaching. It is the primary responsibility for each faculty member, and all faculty members are continually engaged and dedicated to the assessment of teaching and the quality of the student learning outcomes that are generated in their classes. Careful annual reviews of these outcomes result in modifications to teaching and learning approaches, curriculum content and structure, and academic assistance and support structures that are designed to facilitate and enhance effective teaching in the school's academic programs.

Each full-time faculty member of the school is a member of an academic department. These faculty members and their department affiliation are listed below. The linked web pages for each faculty member serves two purposes: (a) to provide directory information concerning how our faculty may be located, including their contact informtion, and administrative responsibilites, and (b) to facilitate locating a faculty member whose interests in scholarship and teaching may be similar to yours. In that spirit we have provided each faculty member's area of teaching and also a sample portfolio of intellectual contributions/scholarship created during the past five years. Faculty are also encouraged to create their own individualized and stylized web pages. In those cases where a faculty member choses to support a personal page a link to their web page will be found in the contact information area.



Accounting and Financial Studies

Peter Harris New York
Paul Kutasovic New York
Raja Nag New York
Steve Shapiro New York
Nitzan Weiss New York
Associate Professors
Petra Dilling Vancouver
Joo-Kwang Yun (Acting Chairperson) New York
Assistant Professors  
Sekhar Muni Amba Vancouver
Umapathy Ananthanarayanan New York
Hafiz Imtiaz Abu Dhabi
Ping Ke New York
Michelle Liu New York
Ravichandran Krishnamurthy Abu Dhabi
Keh Kwek

Hospitality Management Studies

Associate Professors New York
Alan Fairbain New York
Robert Koenig (Chairperson) New York
Jim Murdy New York
Assistant Professor  
James Dunne New York

Human Resource Management
(Includes Business Law)

Leon Applewhaite New York
Associate Professor  
Maya Kroumova (Chairperson) New York
Assistant Professor  
Rakesh Mittal New York
Tareq Al Tawil Abu Dhabi
Joshua Bienstock New York

Management Science Studies
(Includes International Business, Quantitative Methods, and Small Business/Entreprenuership)

Jess Boronico New York
Irwin Gray New York
William Lawrence New York
Steven Hartman New York
Tunc Ozelli New York
Rajen K. Tibrewala  (Chairperson) New York
Associate Professors  
Kevin O'Sullivan New York
Gantasala Prabhakar
Abu Dhabi
Joanne Scillitoe New York
Hassan Younies Abu Dhabi
Assistant Professors  
Swapna Bhargavi Abu Dhabi
Purushottam Meena New York
Qadir Mohiuddin Nanjing
Birasnav Muthuraj New York
Amr Swid New York
Sinan Caykoylu Vancouver

Marketing Studies
(Includes Economics and Management Information Systems)

Diamando Afxentiou New York
Krishnamur Chandrasekar New York
Scott Liu New York
Frank Lorne Vancouver
Abram Poczter New York
Associate Professors  
Deborah Cohn New York
Benjamin Khoo (Chairperson) New York
Vanaja Vadakepat
Abu Dhabi
Jihong Zeng New York
Assistant Professors  
Amanda Han Nanjing (Visiting NY 2014-15)
Binh Nguyen Vancouver
Anjum Razzaque
Veneta Sotiropoulos New York
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