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An internship abroad is a key component in recognizing the workforce differences and commonalities in today's ever-globalizing business world. Regardless of where you decide to intern abroad, you will learn firsthand the ways in which cultural norms influence the practice of business in that country. Through an intern abroad experience, you will learn to think globally and come to understand how the world is interconnected through business. Adding an international work experience to your degree will make you even more competitive in today's multicultural, global business environment.

Summer International Internship Program Eligibility

To be eligible for participation in the Summer International Internship Program, interested students must have:

  1. Completed forty five (45) credit hours towards their academic degree program, including at least eighteen (18) credit hours of business (BSBA students) or hospitality (BPS students) courses; and
  2. A GPA of at least 3.0

Summer Intern Abroad Locations

Australia - From six to twelve weeks, in Sydney or Melbourne, you get to decide where you will intern and for how long. These custom internships allow students to gain valuable experience in the field of business while taking in all the Australia has to offer.

Great Wall of China

China - Improve your business skills while working with Chinese colleagues. Whether or not you have any prior Mandarin experience you can still live and work in the modern metropolis of Shanghai, and up to three hours of private instruction per week is provided.

Costa Rica - Upon arrival in Costa Rica, students participate in a twelve week program that includes a four week intensive Spanish language course at Universidad Veritas, transferable back to NYIT for up to five credits, internship placement, and the Internship work experience in numerous fields, including advertising, hospitality, marketing, and tourism management.

Florence - On Intern in Florence, your internship will be tailored to your personal, academic, and professional goals. We’ll work with you one-on-one to find the perfect placement while your in Italy. Add 3 or 6 weeks of intensive Italian-language classes and the option of private tutoring, and you’ll find yourself loving your Florence experience.

Irish castle

Ireland - Following an extensive introduction on how to live and work in Dublin, you will work full time alongside your Irish counterparts, and you can choose an 8-week, 10-week, or 12-week program. Once the workday is over, you’ll have one of the greatest cities in Europe outside your door.

London - Summer Intern in London offers an 8-week internship in England's fascinating capital. Participate in London's work life through an internship that complements your academic concentration and unique personal goals! The program combines work and professional development with cultural excursions: each week, you will intern for 20 hours and be involved in seminars, lectures, and excursions for another 20 hours.

Auckland, Australia

New Zealand - Intern in New Zealand lets you gain practical internship experience while immersing yourself in the Kiwis’ friendly workplace and lively, modern Pacifica culture. You decide your intended program length. Working in New Zealand with an individual, organization, or company and be exposed to a harmonious blend of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and skill sets.

Paris - Intern in France program gives you relevant professional experience in the City of Light.  Intern in France gives you two fabulous opportunities to find the perfect intern program for you.  If you want a group experience, choose our Summer Intern Option with a one-week French language course, group activities, excursions, and more. Or you can choose flexible dates; ideal if you are a more independent student looking to focus on your internship placement.

Spain - A custom internship in the heart of one of Western Europe's cultural and business hubs!  Intern in Barcelona lets you gain relevant, career-oriented experience while enjoying the best of Europe: cultural immersion, proximity to a coastline of white sand beaches, and an exciting, cosmopolitan city that never sleeps. Learn more about the Intern in Barcelona program.

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