Summer Study and Intern Abroad

Travel the World with the School of Management!

Are you ...

  • ... interested in traveling to another country?
  • ... curious to live in a new place and meet new people?
  • ... excited to engage with other cultures?
  • ... expanding your horizons to include global immersion?

If so, the School of Management has the perfect opportunity for you!

Through its continually expanding international network and through our global study abroad partner, CISabroad, the School of Management offers our students exciting and unique opportunities to travel across the globe.

Not only do these opportunities permit travel to many exotic locations, but the experience includes academic credit-bearing coursework taken at renown universities abroad, with credits that can be transferred into your School of Management degree program. Moreover, the School of Management provides special opportunities for qualified students to be hired as interns through our Summer Intern Abroad Program!

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No matter how you are looking to introduce yourself to the world, you'll find a program here that meets your needs towards achieving our goal of providing you, our valued student, with innovative programs that broaden academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for you to become an engaged world citizen. 

Moreover, our programs offer the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Value: Our programs include what you need. Housing, orientation, excursions, insurance, cell phone, airport pick up, and more.
  • Guaranteed Support: Before, during, and after you'll be supported by a designated and qualified staff member. Our goal is a quick response to your questions before you go and even faster while you're on site.
  • Guaranteed Culture: We want you to "live the local life" so built into each of our programs you'll see where the locals eat, shop, hang out and learn to understand the culture in your host country.
  • Guaranteed Academics: What's study abroad without the study? We have numerous options for classes that can count toward your degree. We'll help you sort it out before you go so that you'll get the credit when you come back.


For more information and a personal touch towards planning your School of Management Summer Study or Intern Abroad Experience, please contact:

Tammen Nicholson
University Relations Representative
Phone: 360.296.8023

Dr. Diamando Afxentiou
Executive Associate Dean and Director of Experiential Education
Phone: 212.261.1602

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