Student-Managed Portfolio

The School of Management's Center for Risk Management plans to launch a Student Managed Portfolio (SMP), where students are given the opportunity to manage real money. This is the first such program in the history of New York Institute of Technology.

stock portfolio

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to experience the dynamics of security investments in today’s global financial markets;
  • Establish a parallel between academic work and portfolio management techniques;
  • Establish an effective channel of communication between student members and business professionals;
  • Allow students to work together to better understand the essentials of the portfolio process;
  • Create an environment where students can gain hands-on experience and feel free to ask questions pertaining to procedures;
  • Give students the opportunity to present their findings in a professional manner in front of colleagues and business professionals; and
  • Build unity within the organization and networks which extend beyond the NYIT community.

Students will actively apply what they learn in the classroom to the management of the portfolio to be managed. Classroom discussions allow students to gain an understanding of important events that are going on in the financial world, as well as fundamental approaches to gathering pertinent information on equities. Student groups will each prepare portfolio recommendations and each have the advantage of utilizing the multitude of financial research programs and technologies that the Center offers.

The knowledge that is gained through participating in the SMP allows students to utilize teamwork to walk through the process that is involved in analyzing the equities. After analyzing the equities, the students present their collaborative decisions to the Board of Investment professionals who will assist in the choice of which portfolio recommendation to use.

Students enrolled into FINC325 Principles of Investment and Security Analysis and FINC734 Analysis and Valuation of Equity Investments automatically participate in the SMP challenge, but other interested students are also welcomed to participate.

Join us in managing a real portfolio! Become involved in the School of Management Student Managed Portfolio challenge.

For additional information please contact:

Dr. Amr Swid
Director: Experiential Education
Phone: 516.686.1077

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