Make connections, get hands-on experience, and build important skill sets. Internships not only give you a competitive edge in your future career, they also provide a unique opportunity for personal as well as professional growth.

Internships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students and may be taken for credit or no-credit.


  • Letter from the employer describing the position and the name of the direct supervisor.
  • Permission from the department chair of the major area of study in order to register for the internship course. An advisor will be assigned  once you are registered.
  • Commitment to a minimum 150 hours of field experience (preferably over a 14-week period).
  • Development with faculty advisor of learning objectives, with periodic follow-up meetings with advisor (minimum of three times per semester).
  • Maintenance of a weekly activity log, forwarded regularly to advisor, and a final paper/report (five-page minimum) discussing the work experience and including a two-page reflection on the impact of the work experience on the proposed learning goals.
  • Completion of ICP (Internship Certificate Program) orientation and registration with Career Services.

Undergraduate Internship Courses (3 credits)

ACCTE 390 & ACCTE 495
Accounting Internship I & II

FINCE 390 & FINCE 495
Finance Internship I & II

MGMTE 390 & MGMTE 495
Management Internship I & II

MRKTE 390 & MRKTE 495
Marketing Internship I & II

SBES 390 & SBES 495
Small Bus. & Entrepr. Internship I & II


  • Junior standing
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75

Undergraduate Internship Courses (Non-credit)

BUSI 290
Zero-Credit Internship


  • Sophomore or higher standing
  • At least one semester completed at NYIT with a minimum GPA of 2.0*

Graduate Internship Courses (3 credits)

INTN 620 & INTN 625           
Internship I & II


  • At least one semester completed at NYIT*
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0


* Students studying on F-1 Visas must complete 2 full-time consecutive semesters before they are eligible for internships (CPT).

Students interested in pursuing experiential-based internships may also enroll into our zero-credit internship BUSIE-650.