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The School of Management currently offers one academic certificate program, which is detailed below. This is in addition to a number of professional courses that the school offers for the purpose of credentialing or certification. These professional courses are offered in diverse areas, including accounting, treasury, and payroll, among others, in partnership with several national associations.

Advanced Certificate Program in Human Resources Management

The Advanced Certificate Programs in Human Resources Management is designed for managers, union leaders, and others who require a knowledge of legal, behavioral, organizational principles, and practices of employee and labor relations and human resources management.

Admission Policies

Persons interested in enrolling in the Advanced Certificate Program must submit an application to the Graduate Admissions Office. The applicant must meet all admissions criteria for the Master of Science in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations academic program.

Applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance or rejection for the advanced certificate program. Since the admissions process takes approximately one month after the receipt of all required materials, interested persons are advised to apply well in advance of the semester in which they wish to enroll. New students may begin in the fall, spring, or summer semester.

Academic Standards/Academic Probation and Dismissal

These policies are identical to those for students enrolled in the MSHR/LR academic program.

Required Courses

The required sequence of courses for each advanced certificate is described below. The sequence of required and elective courses provides the student with the essential knowledge of each field and the opportunity to tailor the certificate program to their specific professional needs. Substitution of alternative courses may be permitted only where the student has successfully completed an equivalent graduate course or for an equally significant reason and only with the approval of a faculty adviser.

Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Management:
All students must complete a minimum of seventeen credit hours, which includes:

  • HRMT 703 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • HRMT 708 Employment and Labor Law and Policy
  • HRMT 875 Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • HRMT xxx Two elective courses from the following list:

    • HRMT 802 Talent Management
    • HRMT 807 Training and Development of Human Resources
    • HRMT 812 Management of Compensation
    • HRMT 817 Management of Employee Benefits
    • HRMT 822 Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • HRMT 842 The Collective Bargaining Process
    • HRMT 874 Internship in Human Resources or Labor Relations
    • HRMT 875 Human Resources Policies and Procedures
    • HRMT 882 Directed Studies

Enrollment In Master of Science In Human Resources Management and Labor Relations Degree Program

Advanced certificate students who wish to matriculate in the Master of Science in Human Resources Management and Labor Relations programs must follow the process outlined for this academic degree program. In most cases, students may apply courses completed in Advanced Certificate Programs toward requirements for the M.S. degree.

Enrollment In the Advanced Certificate Programs in Human Resources Management and Employee and Labor Relations for those holding the Master of Science In Human Resources Management and Labor Relations Degree

Degree holders who wish to further their education and earn this Advanced certificate may do so by completing an additional nine (9) credit hours beyond those completed in connection with the granting of their NYIT Master of Science in Human resources Management and Labor relations academic graduate degree (all other conditions for the Advanced certificate program apply). All other degree holders must complete the required seventeen (17) credit hour requirement.

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