Roseann Stichnoth (M.B.A. ‘82)

Current Position
Executive vice president in charge of the Special Investments Management Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York. “I head up the group responsible for managing investments resulting from the special lending facilities created in the course of stabilizing financial markets.” Specifically, Roseann’s team manages three portfolios: the American International Group (AIG) and Maiden Lane facilities, which were created in the course of stabilizing AIG and Bear Stearns, and the term assetbacked securities lending facility (TALF), which was created to help restart the market for asset-backed securities.

Accomplished Woman
“I’ve been blessed with a long and varied career spanning finance, operations, human resources, and other disciplines. My work here at the New York Fed to respond to the financial crisis is particularly gratifying. For example, TALF supported millions of loans to consumers and small businesses as well as loans to students to finance their college degrees. But I am most proud of my husband, my two daughters, and my extended family and friends.”

Empowering Excellence
“A critical role of a manager is to give people tools to do their best work as well as to remove obstacles that prevent them from achieving excellence.”

Secret To Success
“Waking up in the morning and looking forward to the day ahead, whether it’s time at work, with friends and family, or pursuing our passions. I also think that success is very much about making the world a little better each day.”

Welcome Opportunity
Roseann chose NYIT because its M.B.A. program gave her the freedom she needed to balance a full-time career and weekend classes.

Myth Busted
Roseann says it’s often hard for people to see the connection between the work of the Federal Reserve and its impact on the lives of working Americans. “In fact, we exist to promote policies that support greater financial stability and economic well-being for all U.S. citizens, including working people, students, retirees, and business owners, and I think the extraordinary programs we put in place during the recent financial crisis highlight this commitment.”

Favorite Movie
“I never miss the chance to see Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane.”

Favorite Food
“I love fresh local produce in the summer, including Jersey corn, tomatoes, and peaches. Cooking relaxes me on weekends, so I enjoy any wellprepared food.”

Last Books Read
Team of Rivals
by Doris Kearns Goodwin and Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed

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