NYIT Welcomes New Alumni Leaders

The Alumni Federation is proud to welcome Ralph Sepe (B.S. ’97) as its new president. Joining him to help engage NYIT’s 85,000 graduates worldwide and promote the NYIT brand is a dynamic team of alumni.

Pictured are (from left, top row): Board Member and Committee Chair Steve Ermmarino (B.S. ’91); Director of Alumni Relations Joe Fortine; Executive Board Member Michael W. Spinelli (B.S. ’87); (middle row) Lisa A. Colantuono (B.S. ’94, M.A. ’98); President Emeritus Carol Ann Hasenstab (B.S. ’92); (bottom row) Executive Board Member and Fundraising Committee Chair Nancy A. Magrini (B.F.A. ’80) and Sepe.

Additional leaders (not pictured) include Board Members Elizabeth Melillo (M.B.A. ’07) Gary I. Nathan (B.S. ’89), Frederick J. Harris (B.S. ’08, M.B.A. ’10), and Andrew Slavinsky (B.S. ’97, M.B.A. ’09).

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