New Core Curriculum Readies Future Grads

To prepare current students for today’s ever-changing global marketplace, NYIT implemented its new Discovery Core Curriculum for the 21st-Century for all incoming firstyear students this past fall. The curriculum provides students with an outcomes-oriented education that emphasizes the needs of companies seeking workers with specific expertise.

These skills drive the learning outcomes of the core curriculum. They include communications, critical and analytical thinking, an interdisciplinary mindset, ethical and civic engagement, global perspectives, and arts and sciences.

“In order for students to be able to advance in their careers, they need to be confident in areas beyond their professional expertise,” said Nicholas Bloom, Ph.D., director of the core curriculum and chair of the interdisciplinary studies department at NYIT. “They must be able to demonstrate that they can find new information, organize it, write about it, speak about it, and sell it to other people.”

All programs at campuses worldwide will incorporate the learning outcomes to complement the technology-driven curriculum that has been the cornerstone of an NYIT education. With this new focus on the rapidly changing qualifications of the job market, students will graduate with knowledge of their chosen fields as well as professional skills and abilities necessary to adapt to new developments, technologies, and practices.

“This new core curriculum signifies a coherent educational goal for all undergraduate students from all disciplines,” said Roger Yu, dean of NYIT’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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