Grad Student Earns Recognition in India

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Ph.D., presented the Rajiv Gandhi Rastryia Ekta Samman award to NYIT student Shail Choksi for his service in helping the people of India. Specifically, Choksi, an IT consultant for the Indian government in Gujarat, was recognized for a website he designed to market handicraft products such as wall hangings, purses, and tablecloths. Because handicraft sales are a main source of income for many Indian artisans, the M.B.A. student was hired by the government to coordinate the sales of the products and then developed a robust e-commerce website to market and sell the handicrafts. The award was presented at the All India National Unity Conference on Aug. 20.

“National awards are a symbol of pride for the nation, and receiving recognition for my work will continue to motivate me in my educational, professional, and personal endeavors,” said Choksi, who is also president of the Indian Graduate Students Association at NYIT.

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