Christine Bragan (B.F.A. ‘03)

Current Position
Vice president of corporate marketing and communications for Rainbow Media, a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporations that operates several networks, including AMC, IFC, and the Sundance Channel. “I am responsible for the development and oversight of corporate and industry marketing and public affairs initiatives; trade and promotional activities and events; internal communications; CEO and executive presentations and appearances; and the management of special cross-divisional projects to help maximize the company’s ability to pursue financial and business-based goals.”

Proud To Lead the Way
Christine prides herself on continually refining her leadership skills. “Effective leadership is the ability to make decisions and stand behind them. It is something that a person grows into with hard work, preparation, perseverance, and a commitment to take risks when necessary.”

Definition of Success
“Establishing clear goals and consistently reaching them.”

Favorite NYIT Memory
“Producing my first student film, which was influenced by the Twilight Zone episode, ‘Number 12 Looks Just Like You.’”

Lights, Cameras … Not So Much Action?
Christine says one of the biggest misconceptions about working in TV is that people think she attends glitzy events and hangs out with celebrities. Not true, she says, but then quickly adds, “It only happens some of the time.”

Tune In Anytime
The future of TV, says Christine, will involve finding new ways to deliver content to viewers—whenever, wherever, and however they want it.

Favorite Movies
Pulp Fiction, Sound of Music, Urban Cowboy, and The Deer Hunter.

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Food

Last Book Read
Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Inside IBM’s Historic Turnaround by Louis V. Gerstner Jr.

Turn the Page or Hit the Slopes?
When she finds time to relax, Christine enjoys reading and snowboarding.

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