NYIT Energizes U.N. Conference

Above: NYIT sponsored the World Energy Forum's International Energy Conference at the United Nations on Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2009.

Carbon capture, advanced batteries, G-20, climate change, solar, wind, and water ... How do world leaders tackle 21st-century energy issues? By coming together to discuss opportunities at the World Energy Forum’s (WEF) International Energy Conference, held at the United Nations on Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2009.

As a leading sponsor and participant, NYIT welcomed more than 600 attendees, including energy secretaries, policy makers, and executives from multinational companies. NYIT President Edward Guiliano opened the keynote session by discussing the role universities can take to educate and innovate in the areas of sustainable energy. He also highlighted NYIT’s accomplishments in the green sector, such as solar carports and the new campus-wide bike share program.

“As a New York and global university, we are the heartland of innovation. We constantly grow new ideas, and it is just part of our DNA,” President Guiliano said. “Whether it is in sustainable practices, conservation, medicine, engineering, green buildings, or clean energy, we have interdisciplinary labs that bring together new approaches, new remedies, and new solutions.”

Other speakers included William Ngeleja, minister of energy and minerals from the United Republic of Tanzania; George Pataki, the former governor of New York; and Ambassador Waheed Wahedullah, deputy chairman of the WEF. In addition, more than 20 NYIT faculty and staff as well as 15 students from NYIT-Nanjing attended the global forum.

This was NYIT’s second appearance at the United Nations. In July 2008, NYIT and its Center for Water Resources Management brought together representatives from non-governmental organizations, international corporations, and universities to discuss the issues surrounding the impending water crisis at NYIT’s first annual International Water Conference (see the Fall 2008 issue of NYIT Magazine for details).

Harold Oh, NYIT’s dean for university advancement, who spearheaded the 2008 event, also helped organize the 2009 U.N. energy conference.

“For NYIT, this was significant,” says Oh, who serves as chairman of the WEF’s executive board. “NYIT is an institutional learning center that conducts research applicable in the real world. NYIT’s participation in these forums coincides with its mission as a global university. Energy is an international affair with social and economic significance. Without energy security, no nation can find peace and development, which affects peoples’ daily lives.”

In April 2010, NYIT and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommuni-cations (NUPT) will co-host a forum titled “Think Green: Energy, Education, and Environmental Initiatives” in Nanjing, China. The two-day global conference will also tackle challenges, opportunities, and innovations in the energy sector. 

Visit www.nyit.edu/thinkgreen or www.thinkgreen2010.org for more information.

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