David Hickey (B.S. ’85)

Current Position 
Chairman and CEO of Lumeta Corporation, a Somerset, N.J.-based company that provides its clients with solutions to address network trends, risk management, and compliance issues. As chairman, David sets his board’s agenda and ensures that fiduciary responsibilities to all investors are being addressed. As CEO, he works with the senior management team to implement strategic plans that meet investment goals. 

Growing Accomplishments 
In the 1990s, David helped grow revenues of an international startup company to $30 million in just five years and participated in its sale to a Swedish corporation. In 2002, he served as COO and CEO of a credit card service company that was in drastic need of a turnaround. “In 10 months, we got the company back to positive cash flow, invested in the development of new products, and sold the firm at a profit two years later.

Valuable Lesson
“I was working and paying for college myself, so affordability was key. NYIT represented great value for the money.”

Definition of Success
“Be happy with who you are and what you’re doing.”

Nothing Wrong With Horsing Around
Family comes first for David, who enjoys spending time with his wife, Geralyn, and their two daughters, Sarah and Anna. They all participate in equestrian sports, though David is also an avid golfer and runner.

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