Amul Goswamy (B.S. ’99, M.S. ’00)

Current Position
Software project manager at Energy Solutions, an Oakland, Calif.-based energy efficiency consulting firm. “I write software for most of our clients, developed our software quality team, and serve as project manager for one client that is a major Southwestern power utility.”

Best Part of My Day
“Hearing from clients how our work helps them save more energy.”

A Career in the Balance
Amul’s professional accomplishments demonstrate his ability to blend technology and art. He contributed to the first four major releases of Apple’s Mac OS X; was invited to present ideas at San Jose’s Climate Clock Colloquium alongside renowned engineers, scientists, and artists; and exhibited works of art at the SF Camerawork gallery in San Francisco, Calif.

Busting Stereotypes
The popular misconception that software engineers write computer code in dark, isolated rooms is far from the truth, says Amul. “Software development is a team effort and more creative than people would expect because it involves solving a series of different problems of varying size using a very strict set of tools.”

Last Book Read
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature by Janine M. Benyus

Definition of Success
“Balancing your life to be able to enjoy the things and moments you provide yourself.”

A Natural Neighbor
Amul’s dedication to energy conservation and sustainable living is not limited to his company’s engineering projects. “I live on an ‘urban micro-farm’ with laying hens, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees situated on a small plot in a residential neighborhood. I make time to brew beer, grow and cook food, play with the animals, and work on other projects.” Amul also enjoys films, performance art, and live music as well as hiking at mountain parks.

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