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Coach Bob Hirschfield on Baseball, Managing, and Retirement

“For home games, I always stand. For away games, I always sit. I never step on the foul line when I’m approaching or leaving the mound, and I always make sure to tap the pitching rubber.”

Favorite Player 
“Willie Mays. You would stop what you were doing to watch him hit. He brought so much more to the game than just home runs.”

Practice, Practice, Practice  
“Preparation is what separates the pros from the Joes. The games are like a classroom exam—you’ll only do well if you’ve prepared yourself days in advance.”

Management 101 
“Don’t worry about your stars—they’ll be fine. Focus on the middle and lower-level guys. They are the ones who will help you win.”

Best Way to Win  
“On the road. It’s more enjoyable because of the adversity of travel inherent to college sports—players must balance classes, studying, and homework, then win a game and come back home. I’m proud each time they pull that off.”

On His Retirement 
“I don’t want a golf club—I have a ball club.”

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