Research: Eugene Mitacek, Ph.D.

Health and environmental risk factors

Dr. Mitacek’s long standing affiliation with the School of Medicine at Stony Brook, SUNY, and the collaboration with the American Health Foundation, along with the universities in Thailand, brought an internationally recognized awareness of risk factors for cancer of the lung, liver, stomach and leukemia. The studies on dietary and tobacco exogenous and endogenous nitrosamines are important in a view of increasing cancer mortality in Asia. The analytical research has been supported by the grants from the U.S. National Cancer Institute. This research has indicated case-control studies on cancer epidemiology in Southeast Asia, in which the department of Life Science is participating as an ongoing collaboration. Presently, our research interest is focused on association between colorectal cancer incidence and drinking water contamination with nitrate in Thailand and in Southeast Asia.

Selected Publications:

  • Mitacek EJ, Brunnemann KD, Suttajit M, Caplan LS, Gagna CE, Bhothisuwan K, Siriamornpun S, Hummel CF, Ohshima H, Roy R, Martin N. Geographic distribution of liver and stomach cancers in Thailand in relation to estimated dietary intake of nitrate, nitrite, and nitrosodimethylamine. Nutr Cancer. 2008;60(2):196-203.
  • Mitacek EJ, Brunnemann KD, Polednak AP, Limsila T, Bhothisuwan K, Hummel CF. Rising leukemia rates in Thailand: the possible role of benzene and related compounds in cigarette smoke. Oncol Rep. 2002 Nov-Dec;9(6):1399-403.
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