Video Tutorials


How to Find a Book in the NYIT Library

Danielle Apfelbaum shows us how to search BearCat and locate books in the NYIT libraries.

PubMed Advanced Instruction

Kathleen Darby shows us PubMed's advanced search options.

PubMed Essentials

Kathleen Darby walks us through the essentials of PubMed search.

Clinical Key Advanced Search

Kathleen Darby demonstrates us how to perform an advanced search in the health sciences database Clinical Key.

Clinical Key Basic Search

Kathleen Darby demonstrates us how to perform a basic search in the health sciences database Clinical Key.

Medical Mobile Websites and Apps

An overview of mobile websites and apps available to the NYIT medical school.

Combining EBSCOhost Databases

How to group many EBSCOhost databases together and search them simultaneously.

A Few Options for Citing Your Sources

Introducing a few options for citing your sources, including RefWorks and the Online Writing Lab (OWL).

How to Request an Article Via PubMed's "Send to" Feature

Mahnaz Tehrani demonstrates how to request an article via PubMed using the "send to" feature.

Search Like a Pro

Learn how to generate keywords and how to construct a Boolean search.


Developing a Research Topic

Resources and strategies for developing a manageable research topic.


Understanding Sources

Identifying and using primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.



Plagiarism: what it is, and how to avoid it.


NYIT Library's New Website

Tour NYIT Library's new website with librarian Danielle Apfelbaum.

Research Guides

Learn how to navigate, search and request NYIT Library research guides.

Find the Full Text of an Article

Search one of the library's popular databases to find the full text of an article.

Evaluating Information Academic Quality

An introduction to the CRAAP method of evaluating information.

Choosing a Topic

Browsing subject headings to find topics of interest.

Remotely Accessing the Library

How to access the library from home using various website forms.

Journal Locator

A brief introduction and overview to the NYIT Journal Locator.

Scholarly Articles in Education

How to both identify and find scholarly sources in education.