Faculty Services

The librarians encourage all faculty and staff to become familiar with our services, resources and procedures. A faculty that is well-informed about NYIT Library resources can better provide their students with successful academic experiences, and more productively facilitate their own research.

Borrowing Privileges:

  1. Library Cards
    On must have a NYIT photo ID card in order to borrow materials. ID cards can be obtained from the security office on each campus. Individuals are responsible for all usage made of their cards.
  2. Borrowing Terms
    Faculty and staff may borrow circulating materials for a four week loan period. For renewals, one may renew by telephone, in person, or online (“My Account” option available through BearCat). Online renewal requires use of your ID card barcode and PIN. If you do not know your PIN, call an NYIT library and the information will be e-mailed to your NYIT MyMail account.


Collection Development
Faculty are encouraged to submit purchase requests for library materials. Order cards may be obtained from the academic departments or requested from the campus libraries. Completed order cards for library purchases may be submitted to a Library Director at any library. One may also use the electronic form available on the Libraries Web Site. If possible, purchase requests should be made at least a semester in advance of when the materials will be needed. When new materials have been received, confirmation will be sent to those who initiated the requests.

When making purchase requests for library resources, first priority should be given to supporting the undergraduate and graduate curricula. The personal research needs of faculty can usually be met through interlibrary loans from research universities.


Food Services
The Wisser Memorial Library offers light snacks and coffee at its “Wired Café.” The other NYIT libraries are located close to food service areas or cafeterias.


Interlibrary Loans
Arrangements for borrowing materials not available from the NYIT library system can be made through a library Reference Dept or by electronic form on the Libraries Web Site. Please provide full citation information for books or journal articles. On average, Interlibrary loans take approximately a week to ten days for materials held within the Long Island region or by the New York State Library. Otherwise, one should allow at least two or three weeks for delivery of items.

The Research Loan Program enables faculty and students to borrow materials in person from another participating library in the Long Island region (one library at a time per user). Please contact the Reference Department of the Wisser Memorial Library for information and request forms.

The Manhattan Campus Library can issue Metro cards to members of the NYIT community. These allow on-site use of materials at various university and college libraries throughout New York City, but not borrowing privileges.

To obtain items held at another NYIT campus library, fill out request cards at the Circulation Desk of the NYIT library where you want the materials delivered. These requests are referred to as "inter-campus" loans. The materials will be forwarded to your branch usually within three business days.


Instruction Classes
In addition to participating in the College Success Seminar, librarians conduct sessions in research techniques and library resources upon faculty request. Classes are tailored to the needs of the instructor and may range from tours and general orientations for new students to graduate level surveys of library resources and research techniques in a particular subject field.

To provide adequate time for librarians to review content with instructors and ensure sufficient preparation to meet students needs, appointments should be made at least a week in advance with the Reference Department. A copy of the research assignment should be submitted two or three days before the class.

Librarians also participate in the Enrichment Seminars for faculty and staff. Department Chairpersons are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of Library Instruction and User Services if they wish to arrange orientation sessions or subject-tailored seminars on library resources for faculty, staff, or graduate assistants.


Internet Access
All NYIT libraries have workstations providing access to the Internet. Users should carry identification to indicate that they are currently members of the NYIT academic community. The Medical Library limits on-site Internet access to NYCOM affiliates.


Laptop Computers
All NYIT Libraries provide wireless access to the NYIT network. Users may bring their own laptop computers into the libraries and connect to the Internet. In addition, laptop computers may be signed out at the Circulation Desks of all NYIT Libraries for in-library use only.


Reference Assistance
Reference Librarians are available at every NYIT library branch to assist faculty and staff with their research needs or those of their students.


Reserve Collections
Books and articles that are required readings or recommended supplemental sources for courses can be put on reserve at the Circulation Desk at each library. The Online NYIT catalog can be searched to identify materials placed on reserve. Faculty should provide any articles or books that students will need to review at least one week before the assignment is given. Reserve materials may be used within the library for a specified period (three hours) but do not circulate.

Each library tries to place single copies of requested text books on reserve, depending on availability from the campus book stores. Faculty are encouraged to place personal copies of text books on reserve for those titles that are otherwise unavailable.

Faculty are reminded to keep their reserve materials up-to-date. If you have placed materials on reserve and no longer require them in a course you are teaching, please contact the respective Circulation Desks. Personal copies will be returned to you.


Special Collections
In addition to general holdings of books, periodicals, microforms, cd-roms, and online resources, the NYIT libraries maintain a variety of special collections:

Manhattan Campus Library
Art and Architecture collection.

Medical Library (NYCOM)
Special Collection in Osteopathy.

Wisser Memorial Library
1. NYIT Master's and Architecture Thesis.
2. ERIC documents collection on microfiche - 1966 to 2005.
3. Curriculum Materials Center - Print, multimedia and related curriculum resources for educators and students majoring in the field of education.
4. NYIT student newspaper issues.


Help Make the Library Experience More Satisfactory for Students

  1. The introduction of electronic technology has created great changes in our library environment, and the print collections continue to grow as well. We invite all returning faculty to visit our library branches in person and to access the NYIT Libraries Web Site. New faculty are especially welcome to stop by the library at the beginning of the semester for an orientation.
  2. The NYIT librarians urge faculty and staff to become familiar with our library resources and to share this information with their classes.
  3. Please check FIRST with the libraries before telling students that "the library" has a particular item. The library staff will be happy to verify our holdings by phone, fax, email, or in person.
  4. If groups of students are required to use the same materials, please place at least one copy of the required items on reserve so that everyone in the class will have access. The library staff can pull circulating items from the shelves to place on reserve, if warned in advance of pending assignments.


For more information, call the Reference Departments:

Old Westbury Campus

Art and Architecture Library (516) 686-7579
Medical Library (NYCOM) (516) 686-3743
Wisser Memorial Library (516) 686-7657, 7658

Manhattan Campus

Manhattan Campus Library (212) 261-1526


Directors & Other Contacts
Clare Cohn – Director, Technical Services, Wisser Memorial Library, Old Westbury Campus
Jeffrey Feinsilver – Coordinator, Library Instruction & User Services, Wisser Memorial Library, Old Westbury Campus
Elizabete Ferretti – Director, Manhattan Campus
Gerri Flanzraich – Director, Wisser Memorial Library, Old Westbury Campus
Linda Heslin – Director, Art & Architecture Library, Old Westbury Campus
Seth McQuale – Library Systems Analyst, Wisser Memorial Library, Old Westbury Campus
Jeanne Strausman – Chief Medical Librarian, NYCOM Medical Library, Old Westbury Campus