Library Policies

Our mission

The library’s mission is to support the curricular and research needs of students, faculty, and staff at NYIT.  The goal of library service is to help students achieve success while in college and to foster mastery of research skills for lifelong learning. It is understood that the library, by its nature, supports academic programs by partnering with them to enhance student learning, program development, faculty research, and other professional activities. The library is the cornerstone of a successful college, because it provides access to a wealth of information and offers support services that enable students, faculty, and staff to utilize and evaluate this information.

The library’s collections and services continue to benefit from the enormous changes in technology.  The library’s goals reflect continued and enhanced use of technology to improve the access to the collection, the quality of the collection, educational services, and ease of use.  The exponential growth in information combined with rapidly changing technology has resulted in an information environment that is extremely complex.  The goals focus on resources and services to assist patrons in finding their way through this information maze. 


Our goals

  • Provide state-of-the art access to library resources.
  • Deliver quality, user-oriented services responsive to the changing information needs of our diverse and global community
  • Evaluate, acquire, implement and manage resources at a level that meets or exceeds the research needs and expectations of users.
  • Continue to provide excellent traditional in-person library educational services while exploring electronic methods to deliver services, including support to distant learners.
  • Provide adequate space for library services and upgrade existing facilities as needed.
  • Continue to work with groups outside of the NYIT community to enhance the library’s image and maximize consortia arrangements.


(a) Access to Services
The full resources of the NYIT Libraries are available to all faculty, staff, currently registered students, administrators, and alumni. Borrowing privileges for those outside the NYIT community are available via the Research Loan Program, METRO, and other consortial arrangements.

The NYIT Libraries subscribe to the tenets of intellectual freedom in accordance with the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association and the Statement on Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure of the American Association of University Professors.

The NYIT Libraries comply with all policies of NYIT, as delineated in the Student Handbook, including but not limited to: "Academic Computing Code of Responsible Computer Usage," "Student Code of Conduct," and "Sexual Harassment."

(b) Circulation Policy
All members of the NYIT community are accorded borrowing privileges.

The loan period for currently registered students and alumni is two weeks (College of Osteopathic Medicine Library lends books for one week). Students must present a valid NYIT identification card to borrow materials. Summer students must show verification of their registration status for the semester. Students are permitted to borrow a maximum of twelve (12) books. Alumni may borrow a maximum of three (3) books. Only onsite database access is available to alumni. A valid NYIT Alumni Association card and a photo I.D. must be presented to borrow materials and to access computers. Circulating materials may be renewed once if there are no prior requests.

The loan period for faculty, staff, and administrators is four weeks. Circulating materials may be renewed once if there are no prior requests. A maximum of twelve (12) books may be borrowed. A valid NYIT identification card is needed to borrow books.

(c) Collection Development Policy
The selection of library resources shall be relevant to academic programs. The collection should be broadly based, balanced, and current. Attention will be given to the scope of majors and courses, and sites at which programs are offered with minimal reliance on intra-campus loans. Consideration will be given to locations where programs are offered so that there will be minimal reliance on intra-campus loans. The collection will be managed to accommodate changes in funding and space needs. Individual branch needs will be taken into account when determining the number of copies ordered.

The libraries subscribe to various electronic resources. Electronic resources include databases, indexes, bibliographies, statistics, and other reference sources which support learning, teaching and research at NYIT. The basic criteria for the selection of any electronic resource are: relevancy to the curriculum, improvement of the overall library collection, and enhancement of patron access to information.

NYIT Libraries encourage the active participation in collection development through:

i) solicitation of faculty recommendations
ii) student suggestions

Faculty members are expected to submit purchase requests for materials in advance of new programs.

Librarians will conduct periodic evaluations of the collection and recommend actions necessary to correct deficiencies. This includes weeding and replacement of missing materials as needed.

(d) Copyright
In all media and formats, the NYIT Libraries comply with nationally recognized standards for copyright and fair use (


(e) Gifts and Donations
The NYIT Libraries welcome gifts of materials or funds with which to purchase materials. Gifts of library materials will be accepted provided they are consistent with the general collection development policy.

Gifts will be evaluated before a decision is made to accept an offer. The same criteria that apply to the purchased materials apply to gift materials when considering the acceptance of gifts.

Materials will be accepted with the understanding that librarians will decide their disposition. Unneeded items may be disposed of by sale, exchange, donation, or discard at the discretion of the evaluator. While the library will provide a letter of acknowledgment, the library cannot appraise the value of the donation.

Materials cannot be accepted under the following conditions:

i) When a donor requires that the materials be kept together and not integrated into the library collection.
ii) That they must not be allowed to circulate.
iii) Materials cannot be accepted on indefinite loan.

Items donated to the library become library property and are thus subject to regulations governing its collections.

(f) Inter-Campus Loans
If the desired book is located at another campus library, students should request a loan at the circulation desk.


(g) Interlibrary Loan
See the library's policy on  Interlibrary Loan

(h) Library Instructional Classes
All library classes require the attendance of faculty along with students. Faculty presence lends support and credence to the value and importance of information literacy instruction. Should it turn out that a faculty member is unable to attend a scheduled library class, the class then needs to be rescheduled.

(i) Metro Cards/Research Loan Program
NYIT students, faculty and staff may request METRO cards for on-site use of materials at other academic libraries within New York City, provided such materials are not available at NYIT or the New York Public Library and its local branches. The Research Loan Program permits members of the NYIT community in good standing to directly borrow materials from libraries on Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties). To obtain the necessary cards and forms for these programs, contact the Reference Desk at any NYIT library.

(j) Non-Circulating Books
Items that do not circulate and must remain in the library include periodicals, microfilm and microfiche, reference books, reserve materials, and audio-visual materials.
Reserve material may be charged out for three (3) hours. Most materials may be renewed once if there are no additional requests. The fine for reserves held beyond the charge-out period is $1.00 per hour per item.

(k) Plagiarism
The Library adheres to the "Academic Integrity" standard published in NYIT's Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs. The following web site provides information and answers to questions regarding plagiarism: Plagiarism Q&A

(l) Reserve Books
Reserve materials are housed behind the circulation desk. Reserve materials do not circulate. The loan period is (3) hours with one (1) renewal for most material if there are no further requests. Fines are $1.00 per hour for overdue items. Borrowers must present a valid NYIT ID at the circulation desk when requesting reserve material (see policy).

(m) Reserve Collection
Special items, journal articles, books, and personal copies to be used for particular courses may be placed in the reserve collections of any NYIT library. Current editions of major texts for courses will be held on reserve, where possible, each semester. Faculty should notify the library staff when these items are no longer needed in the reserve collection. 

(n) Rules and Regulations

  • Restrictions on the consumption of food and beverages may apply. Please comply with these restrictions where applicable.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • Use of cell phones, pagers, and beepers is prohibited.
  • Please maintain a quiet atmosphere so patrons can concentrate and study.
  • In the event of theft or mutilation of materials, or deliberate damage or tampering with equipment, cases are referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.
  • Fines for each overdue item is $0.15 cents per day that the library is open.
  • Fines for lost books are $100, plus a $20 processing fee. The fine for materials returned damaged is the cost of replacement plus a $20 processing fee.
  • A maximum of 3 reserves can be charged out at one time. The loan period is 3 hours. A late fee of $1 per hour for each hour the book is overdue within the first 24 hours. A late fee of $2 per hour for each hour the book is overdue for the 2nd day. $50 per day fee for each day the book is overdue following the 2nd day with a maximum of $225. I.D. is required to charge out reserve material. Reserves cannot be removed from the library. Student will be blocked from charging out reserves if he/she has more than 5 overdue items or owes more than $25 in fines.
  • Alumni may request up 30 interlibrary loans per semester.  A valid NYIT Alumni Association card and a photo I.D. must be presented in order to process these requests.
  • Additional items cannot be borrowed until fines are cleared.
  • Librarians reserve the right to adjust fines if items are expensive, rare, or out-of-print.
  • Each student is responsible for library materials borrowed on his/her card. Outstanding library accounts may be resolved by visiting one of the NYIT libraries. Outstanding fines must be paid before students can obtain their transcripts, diplomas or refunds. Accounts can be viewed online at
  • Patrons should not lend their ID cards to other users; the ID owner is responsible for all materials borrowed under their ID card.
  • Library staff reserves the right to inspect all bags.


(o) Laptops
The NYIT Library System is pleased to make loaner laptop computers available for in-library use by the NYIT community. This privilege comes with equally consequential responsibilities. Please take a few minutes to consider the following Library Laptop Policies:

Who is eligible to borrow a laptop?
Currently registered students, current employees and alumni of NYIT with a valid NYIT ID card may borrow laptops.
How do I borrow a laptop?
  • Laptops may be borrowed at the circulation desk for up to 3 hours.
  • Only one laptop may be borrowed by a user at one time.
  • Borrowers must checkout laptops in person.
  • The library does not take reservations. The laptops are loaned on a first come, first served basis.
  • Laptops may be renewed once with additional renewals subject to availability.
  • Laptops must be returned to the circulation desk within 3 hours of checkout or ½ hour before the library closes, whichever occurs first.
  • If there are fines on your library account, you may not borrow a laptop until all your fines are cleared.
  • Staff reserve the right to request an additional picture ID.

What happens if I am late returning the laptop?

  • The laptop late fee is $5 per hour.
  • If not returned after one week, the fine is $1200.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who has a record of abusing NYIT’s equipment or is repeatedly late in returning laptops.

Where/How can the laptop be used?

  • The laptop may be used anywhere in the library and ONLY in the library.
  • Users must have an NYIT MyMail Username and Password to access the wireless network.
  • Software loaded on the laptops includes Microsoft Office and an Internet Browser.

What is my responsibility?

  • The borrower is totally responsible for the laptop from the time of acceptance until which time the library staff records and clears its return.
  • A laptop must be returned in the same condition as when it was borrowed.
  • Please report hardware/software problems immediately as you may be held responsible for any unreported problems.
  • The user will be charged for up to the full replacement cost ($1200) if the computer is damaged, not returned for any reason or components are missing. Other consequences include blocked registration and graduation and the withholding of grades and library privileges until the account is cleared.
  • Users are encouraged to ask questions if they are unclear on policies or responsibilities.
  • Users MAY NOT install ANY software or change the configuration of the laptops.
  • Users MAY NOT save work to the laptop, they must email or save data to a disc.
  • NEVER LEAVE THE LAPTOP UNATTENDED. You are responsible for replacing the laptop if it is stolen while checked out to you.
  • NEVER BORROW A LAPTOP FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO USE. You will be held directly responsible for any problems, NOT your associate.

When are laptops available?
Laptops are available ½ hour after the library opens and up to one hour before the library closes. Laptops borrowed one hour before closing must be returned within ½ hour. (If you borrow a laptop at 9pm and the library closes at 10pm, the laptop must be returned by 9:30pm).

NYIT and the libraries are not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to or from a user’s disc. The library is not responsible for any files left on any computer or for loss or damage to files.

(p) Copying and Printing
See the NYIT's policy on copying and printing.


(q) iPad
See the library's policy on borrowing an iPad.