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Updates for Students

Enter the Creative Politics Competition

Oct 03 2012

NYIT's Community Service Center (CSC) is hosting a Creative Politics Competition through Tuesday, Oct. 16. Follow three steps to submit your entry:

  • Step 1: Choose one of two categories for your submission:
    Videos Entries must be 1-2 minutes and answer "how does the 2012 presidential election affect me as a student?"
    Photography, Cartoons/Drawings, and Paintings Themes should focus on:
    -What the country will look like if Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is elected president.
    -This is what CHANGE looks like.
    -A cause or problem that you want to see addressed or resolved.
  • Step 2: Upload your creation to Facebook and tag "NYIT CSC."
  • Step 3: Get the most "likes" on Facebook and win a lunch and tour of the New York Times building in Manhattan for you and two guests.

For more information, email You can also enter by sending the CSC a Facebook message with your name, category and theme, and creative submission. Limit is one entry per NYIT student.

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