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Students and Staff Discuss Sandy’s Impact, Volunteer for Cleanups

Nov 09 2012

NYIT Community

NYIT Volunteer

Nearly 50 students joined NYIT faculty and staff members at the Manhattan campus on Nov. 8 for a Hurricane Sandy event that gave people the chance to express their views and opinions on how the storm has impacted their lives, their families and friends, and their classwork.

Staff included representatives from the Community Service Center (CSC) and the offices of campus life and student affairs. Attendees shared information on resources available and discussed upcoming volunteer events.

"Students seem to be doing well in the wake of Hurricane Sandy," says Rosalia Mannino, assistant director of experiential education. "I was impressed with how many students wanted to help with cleanup efforts."

Among students who have contributed to recent relief efforts in New York are David Palisoul, who spent time cleaning up on Staten Island, and Keith Bory, who is following tips on where to volunteer from his brother, a police officer.

"I have been down in the Long Beach area helping clean up friends' homes on Kentucky and Ohio Streets, and the debris is just staggering," Bory says. "It is difficult because much of the work that needs to be done requires proper equipment and [Army Corps. of Engineers] know-how, but there is still much that can be done on a house-to-house basis."

On Nov. 9, students mobilized by the CSC at NYIT-Manhattan are volunteering in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (pictured bagging trash), where they are participating in nearby community cleanups and staffing a soup kitchen. Volunteer efforts will continue into the weekend with another student group scheduled to return to the borough on Saturday, Nov. 10.

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