Updates - NYIT and Hurricane Sandy

A Message to NYIT Students

Nov 05 2012

Dear NYIT Students,

We fully understand that the destructive impact of Hurricane Sandy has affected you and your fellow students in various and personal ways, including property damage, loss of electrical power, gas shortages, and even displacement from your homes. The entire NYIT family worldwide is deeply saddened by the losses many of its members continue to experience nearly a week after the storm made landfall.

Please know the NYIT community appreciates the extremely difficult situations many of you are facing. As such, I am writing to address concerns some of you have expressed over resumed operations at our Old Westbury and Manhattan campuses, as well as to begin outlining support efforts that will be available through the NYIT community.

First, let’s discuss the resumption of classes on Monday, November 5.  We believe it is our responsibility to open today for those of you who are able to attend classes. We are prepared to address student issues on a case-by-case basis for those unable to attend. Please reach out to your professors and academic advisors to discuss your current needs. We have postponed registration for next semester to Nov. 12-30, and the Provost is asking faculty members to be accommodating to individual situations, including putting lectures and course materials online for those unable to attend classes in person.

Additionally, deans, faculty, and student advisors are working to get an understanding of the impact of Hurricane Sandy on you and your families. Please continue to share information so that we can collectively find the best resolution to the challenges the storm’s impact is posing on your NYIT studies. To accomplish these and other student-centered initiatives, it is important that we have our campuses open and operating to fully coordinate help and assistance.

Lastly, we need our campuses to be open and operational to execute relief programs for our students and staff members who have been most severely impacted. Already underway are efforts to host food and clothing drives, form groups of people to operate as “clean teams” in the hardest-hit areas, and facilitate ride-sharing boards to augment what already is being done via social media. Please share any and all of your ideas with your SGA representatives, as well.

Many more plans are in development to provide for academic and community support, and we will share details on a continual basis. Our dedication to ensuring we are available to our NYIT students is paramount, especially in difficult times. We will do all we can to ensure you are receiving the quality services and academic support you expect of us.


Dr. Edward Guiliano
NYIT President

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