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Sep 26, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins

I was sitting in my office working at the computer one day last week while " office interrupt-us"  was talking about this and that but mostly about everything and anything that came to his mind.  Office interrupt-us is our beloved recreation supervisor Shelly Schneider.  He is the great story teller and the bearer of infinite wisdom.  He is known as office interrupt-us because as soon as he appears the conversation is always stimulating but the production drops faster than the Dow Jones.  On this particular day he was talking about a sports issue (are there any other issues, lol) when… More

Author: clyde_doughty

Sep 04, 2010

Where Have You Been

The blog is back.  Where I have been is a question for NCIS and my lawyer.  Remember I am guilty while the courts sort out my case.  Summer is gone and Dr. G has officially opened up NYIT with another convocation.  Exciting times for NYIT and I am blessed to still be around for the show.  OW campus improvements are simply amazing.....nice job and great touch.  It has been a long short summer.  No down time, a plethora of positive advancements, untimely deaths in my immediate and work family but life's clock continues to tick and that means "you have to get busy… More

Author: clyde_doughty

Jun 01, 2010


The month of May, the final frontier for some.... the beginning of a new crusade for others.  The pinnacle of our college education is commencement.  It is the national championship of education.  May contains the days when college students walk the stage to be acknowledged for a job well done.  While I sat back and basked in the glow of the spring day and watched the picturesque pageantry of another NYIT commencement evolve and unfold, I was also laden with sadness that three members of the NYIT family did not make it to commencement day. Two former student-athletes and a nephew of a staff member did not make it to the… More

Author: clyde_doughty

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