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Feb 08, 2012

Don’t Take Your Water for Granted by Marty Magaan

This morning, as I woke up and began my usual routine, I paused for a second to break free from whatever thoughts my brain had been feeding into while on autopilot.  I gazed contently at my bathroom sink as I felt its warm water running relentlessly over my hands.  And then I did something that might have landed me in the loony bin had someone been there to witness it.  I apologized to my bathroom sink. “But what would compel you to do such a thing?” one might inquire with a tone of ridicule and utter bewilderment.  Well, I had… More

Author: amy_bravo

May 16, 2011

NYIT Community Service Centers - 8 months later…

NYIT opened a student-run Community Service Center on each campus in September 2010 with the intention of getting NYIT students more civically engaged.  Here's a snapshot of how well they've captured student engagement.   By the numbers: CSC OW/MA Combined  September 2010 – April 2011 Students reporting volunteer placements: 774 International student volunteers: 24 Hours volunteered: 6,613 Volunteer positions posted on Career Net: 96 Students on the community service listserv: 445 Reported monies fundraised: $68,526.00 Clubs/Orgs/Athletics reporting service/fundraising projects: 77 External community partners contacted: 160 Students who wrote to elected officials:140   Fundraising Broken Down by Cause – MA=Manhattan Campus… More

Author: amy_bravo

Mar 23, 2011

Alternative Spring Break: Peru 2011 vol.2

Jeremy Ducos just checked in by phone from Peru.  The group is doing really well.  Phone service is limited as they are situated on the top of a mountain. It is 94 degrees and they have been building a soccer field.  By the end of the day the students are exhausted, but express gratitude for the opportunity to work with each other and the community.  Jeremy says that the group is amazing.  They've jelled very quickly and act more like family than friends.  More than anything else, he says the group is moved by the happiness of the families that… More

Author: amy_bravo

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