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Renewable Energy Energy-Efficiency: Designing and Implementing Sustainable Energy Projects
Oct 02 2008
As some of you may know, Tom Friedman, the New York Times bestselling author of The World is Flat, has just published a new book: Hot, Flat, Crowded. In it, he makes an impassioned plea and plan for environmental sustainability and reform in this energy-climate era.
NYIT State-of-the-Institution Address 2008
Aug 28 2008
Welcome to all of you-whether joining us physically or virtually-to this 2008-2009 academic year at New York Institute of Technology.
Welcome Address at NYIT’s International Water Conference at the United Nations
Jul 24 2008
Good morning. It is with great pleasure that I join in welcoming you all to this assembly focused on one of the most critical world issues of our times.
Banishing Barriers and Borders: 21st-Century Classroom Technology and the Changing Face of Students
Jul 04 2008
Two increasingly pressing challenges we face as we craft 21st-century post-secondary education in a flattened global digital economy are: how do we reach and teach the millenials efficiently and effectively?
Salute to the Class of 2008, Abu Dhabi
Jun 22 2008
It is once again my privilege to be here at our university, in this wonderful country, and to be able to congratulate our newest graduates.
Salute to the Class of 2008, Jordan
Jun 20 2008
There are many reasons to celebrate today, starting with the achievement of 395 graduates, 153 earning undergraduate degrees and 242 graduate degrees. I salute you.
Salute to the Class of 2008, Bahrain
Jun 18 2008
The institution you are graduating from, with its deep roots in New York, is a much finer university than the one you entered two, three, or four years ago.
Salute to the Class of 2008, New York
May 18 2008
First things first: I am proud to begin by celebrating why we are here by congratulating our graduating students on completing a long but rewarding course. Congratulations, 2008 Graduates! Bravo.
Celebration of the Opening of NYIT’s Nanjing Campus
Oct 08 2007
President Yang, Deputy President Tang, guests, friends, colleagues, and especially our students: Good afternoon.
2007 Solar Decathlon Send-Off
Sep 21 2007
Good morning, and welcome to our distinguished guests: our premiere sponsors—including LIPA, T.M. Bier, and the American Institute of Architects—and to our other generous donors, as well as elected officials, alumni, faculty… and to the more than 70 NYIT students who have spent countless hours designing and building this very impressive home.
We’ve Not Been Running in Place
Sep 06 2007
Distinguished members of the NYIT community, today it is my annual pleasure and privilege- and I sincerely mean that- to present the state-of-our-institution address.
Welcome to the Class of 2011
Sep 04 2007
Thank you Vice President Ford. On behalf of the NYIT community, I accept the responsibility of welcoming and serving the class of 2011.
Welcome to the Class of 2011
Sep 04 2007
Thank you Vice President Ford. On behalf of the NYIT community, I accept the responsibility of welcoming and serving the class of 2011.
Salute to the Class of 2007, Jordan
Jun 15 2007
Greetings on this wonderful evening.
Salute to the Class of 2007, United Arab Emirates
Jun 12 2007
Today we celebrate our first NYIT commencement ceremony in Abu Dahbi.
Salute to the Class of 2007, Bahrain
Jun 10 2007
Your choice of NYIT, a 21st-century global university, speaks volumes about your personal goals.
Salute to the Class of 2007, New York
May 20 2007
Graduates, the spotlight this Sunday is on you.
Inequitable Access to Education and Technology in a Knowledge Economy
Feb 27 2007
As a long-time professor before becoming a university president, I always enjoy being in the company of students and speaking to a diverse, gifted, and intellectually curious student body.
Energy, Access, and the Role of Nations
Feb 26 2007
I am pleased to be here representing New York Institute of Technology as a host of this conference.
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