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Oct 17 2013

2013 Assessment Committee Meeting

Assessment Committee Meeting, Held on October 15th, 2013

Attendees: Babak Beheshti, Bonnie Granat, Corri Wolf, Dan Quigley, David Circella, Emily Restivo, Francy Magee, Frank Lee, Frank Mruk, Harriet Arnone, Jason Van Nest, Jea Anh, Kristine Prazak, Michael Uttendorfer, Nick Bloom, Olena Zhadko, Paolo Gasti, Pat Chute, Patricia Burlaud, Pat Love, Patty Wongpakdee, Rahmat Shoureshi, Roger Yu, Ryan Szachacz, Selene Loughlin, Shifang Li, Stan Silverman, Steve Billis, Sue Neville, Tobi Abramson.

The Assessment Committee met on October 15th, 2013, with all members having been assigned several annual assessment reports to read and comments on before the meeting. Members 1) provided comments on all programs' annual assessment reports including (1) strengths and weakness of assessment activities and improvement plans, 2). reviewed programs' process improvement reports, and 3) provided clarification for the Summary Report to Academic Senate (12-13 AY), and recommendations for continuous improvement on NYIT’s learning outcome assessment processes.

Global learning assessment was also discussed. The survey results of Fall Assessment Day were shared with members. A comprehensive report on Global Learning at NYIT was set as the goal for the 13-14 AY, and NSSE scores on "global competency" will be used as a supplement to each academic program’s direct measure of global learning at NYIT.

Click here to download the meeting presentation (PPT).

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