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Sep 03 2013

NYIT Assessment Day - August 28th, 2013

New York, NY   (August 28, 2013) - The Assessment Day was held on both NY campuses. The focus of the Assessment Day was on “global competency,” one of NYIT’s core learning outcomes. 123 undergraduate faculty members participated in the event.

In the morning session, faculty spent time in their own department discussing how global competency should be interpreted and incorporated in the context of their discipline, and how students’ global competencies can be assessed in the curriculum. In the afternoon session, faculty across disciplines and staff members from students services gathered together to share practices and strategies they are using in fostering the development of students’ global competencies in three Cs: curriculum, co-curriculum, and community - download here.

During the 2013-2014 academic years, faculty from all academic programs will collect students work and evaluate to what extent that NYIT students have developed their global competencies, and identify good practices that help global learning. NYIT's definition of global competency, and two work-forms were provided to facilitate this assessment activities. To find out the forms and definition, please click here

Resources: Additional resources for sharing and promoting global learning are available at the Planning and Assessment website. To find out, please click here.

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