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Apr 18 2014

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee Honored for Professional and Public Service

Apr 17 2014

Water-Energy Nexus Conference in China Tackles Global Issues

Apr 16 2014

NYIT Celebrates M.B.A. Graduation at JUFE

Apr 10 2014

NYIT Anatomy Professors Awarded NSF Grant for Evolutionary Studies

Apr 04 2014

NYIT Expert to Lecture on Nation’s Physician Shortage and Poverty

Apr 24 2014

TechDay 2014

Apr 24 2014

The Lion King On Broadway

Apr 24 2014

Job Search Strategies

Apr 25 2014

Relay For Life of NYIT

Apr 25 2014

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Jan 10 2013

Professional Enrichment Workshops - Spring 2013

The School of Management’s academic programs deliver both classroom and real life learning experiences. To complement these educational opportunities, the school’s Professional Enrichment platform offers co-curricular activities during which our students meet and network with area specialists; learn from business leaders; and attend various seminars and forums that deal with professional readiness and/or current work-related issues.

A. January – Academic Enhancement Workshops 1

Jan. 15: Research Methodology, E-Library and Academic Honesty - No Plagiarism Here! Ins And Outs of Academic Rules - What You Need to Know.

Jan. 16: Networking

Jan. 17: Report Writing and Presentation Skills
The purpose of this workshop is to show you how to plan a report or assignment, research the content, structure it correctly and write it so to ensure excellent marks. We will consider the purpose of a cover page and the content of the index and bibliography.

Jan. 23: Crisp Writing – Wall Street Journal Style
In this workshop we will analyze the writing style used in the Wall Street Journal and discuss why using crisp writing is essential for the business professional. How to write a summary will also be discussed.

Jan. 30: NYIT Online Career Tools

B. February – Professional Enrichment Workshops 2

Feb. 6: Business Etiquette 101: Soft Skills – What are Soft Skills and Why should you Develop Them?
So-called ‘soft skills’ are key personality traits that are necessary to succeed today in the competitive world of commerce. Find out what soft skills are, whether you have them, and if not, how to cultivate and use them to your advantage.

Feb. 13: Interviewing Skills

Feb. 20: Critical Thinking: A Crucial yet Neglected Skill
In this workshop we will test your analytical thinking skills and share ways of improving not only the way you think about key business.

Feb. 22: Video Interview Practice

Feb. 26: Time and Stress Management
In this workshop we will look at ways to increase your productivity whilst managing your stress levels.

Important Note

All new students must please come and join us for a short video and discussion on how to feel more comfortable in your new surroundings and adjust to studying at NYIT Vancouver.

Monday, Jan. 14
11 a.m.- 12 p.m.
The Jordan Room   

For questions or comments, please contact Izelde L. van Jaarsveld at or 604.639.0942.

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