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Aug 15 2011
NYIT Celebrates Gergaoon Night

NYIT Celebrates Gergaoon Night

Manama, Bahrain (Aug.15, 2011)—In celebration of the 14th night of Ramadan, NYIT alumni and students celebrated Gergaoon Night, hosted by Yousif Lori (B.S. ’06).  Children marked the cultural celebration by dressing in traditional clothes and collecting candies and sweets from neighbors after singing the Gergaoon song. Volunteers from the NYIT community distributed gifts and assisted with face painting.


Nikita Japra 
Global Communications Manager 

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Student Profiles
Michelle Hamin
Michelle Hamin Campus: Manhattan
Major: Life Sciences, B.S.
Class Of: 2015
Jessica Parkes
Jessica Parkes Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Communication Arts
Class Of: 2016
Aynaz Alaei
Aynaz Alaei Campus: Manhattan
Major: Architecture
Class Of: 2018