NYIT-Worldwide Announcements
Mar 30 2011
NYIT-Bahrain Students Collaborate on Music Video for Peace

Manama, Bahrain (Mar. 30, 2011) – NYIT-Bahrain students Maymoona Alqasim and Hussam "Flipp" Mohammed Aseem  collaborated on a music video for Bahrain unity that has generated over 40,000 views online.

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Nikita Japra
Global Communications Manager
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Sep 11 2014

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Student Profiles
Moona Nadeem
Moona Nadeem Campus: Manhattan
Major: Life Science/Biology, B.S.
Class Of: 2016
Danielle Janosevic
Danielle Janosevic Campus: Old Westbury
Major: D.O./M.S. in Neuromuscular Skeletal Sciences
Class Of: 2014
Suhaib Jamal Al-Ashhab
Suhaib Al-Ashhab Campus: Abu Dhabi
Major: Business Administration
Class Of: 2014