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Nov 24 2015
NYIT-Beijing Faculty Artist Presents Work in Shanghai

part of the poster for Ben Poynter's lecture

NYIT-Beijing assistant professor and artist Benjamin Poynter, M.F.A., delivered a “Lumen Prize Digital Art Talk” at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts on 17 November. The presentation, including simultaneous interpretation, formed part of the Lumen Prize Exhibition’s Global Tour, which showcases worldwide digital art. Read more.

Nov 20 2015
NYIT-Vancouver Hosts Annual Open House

Carly Gausvik, Pavla Hlozkova, and Mojgan Afshari

NYIT-Vancouver opened its campus this week to partners and friends from throughout the Lower Mainland for its second annual open house. NYIT supporters came from dozens of companies and institutions around Vancouver, including advisory board members for current and projected academic programs. Read more. More photos. See more photos at NYIT-Vancouver's Facebook page.

Nov 13 2015
NYIT-Vancouver's 2nd Annual Open House: Featured M.S.-INCS Students

The following M.S.-INCS students will be honored at NYIT-Vancouver's 2nd Annual Open House on Wednesday, November 18.

Anoop Chowdary AtluriAnoop Chowdary Atluri

A graduate of the M.S.-INCS program, Anoop has also earned certificates as an Ethical Hacker, a Penetration Testing Professional, and a Penetration Testing Expert. While at NYIT, Anoop conducted research about botnets, which are networks of malware-infected computers controlled by a headmaster which can execute instructions without a computer owner’s consent.




Thomas BaderThomas Bader

Thomas, originally from Germany, was among NYIT-Vancouver’s first M.S.-INCS students and played a crucial role in setting up the cybersecurity lab on campus. Thomas has more than 15 years of professional experience in network and system administration for a variety of clients, including well known global players like Vodafone and Webasto.




Vinh TranVinh Tran

An M.S.-INCS student, Vinh has conducted several research projects during his time at NYIT, including an investigation about botnets (a.k.a. “zombie armies”). A botnet is a complex web of interconnected, malware-infected machines controlled by a master. This research also discussed the differences between some of the most popular virtual zombie armies such as Zeus Bot, Koobface, and Windigo.



Nov 13 2015
NYIT-Vancouver's 2nd Annual Open House: Featured M.B.A. Students

The following students will be honored at NYIT-Vancouver's 2nd Annual Open House on Wednesday, November 18.

Carlie GausvikCarlie Gausvik

Carlie is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is a graduate of the University of Georgia. She began her career in sales at World 50, and after two years of being a top performer on the team and doubling her annual revenue goals, she was promoted to manager. Carlie has advanced knowledge in sales, management, and business development. She is continuing to build upon her business expertise in NYIT’s M.B.A. program.




Faisal KhanFaisal Khan

A 2015 M.B.A. graduate, Faisal is a member of both the Delta Mu Delta International Business Honor Society and the Vancouver Board of Trade. His interests lie in developing and implementing strategic marketing programs, initiating product/service introductions, and negotiating strategic partnerships that promote growth, innovation, and brand recognition. He is passionate about helping organizations grow by working with them to embrace technology.



Pavla HlozkovaPavla Hlozkova

Pavla hails from the Czech Republic and is an M.B.A. candidate at NYIT-Vancouver. She is actively involved as a Campus Life Programmer and is also part of the Student Advisory Board. She has professional experience in marketing, insurance, and real estate. She worked in the market development department of EGNSS in the Czech Republic before coming to Canada.



Oct 26 2015
Major Chinese News Outlets Cover NYIT, Megacities Conference

young woman with Wenhui newspaperNYIT, with its broad reach and long history in Chinese higher education, has been the subject of recent coverage on several Chinese news outlets, as follows:

  • NetEase and Wenhui News (pictured above) published a story about the new alumni and career services office in Shanghai, including background about NYIT's partnerships and operations throughout China.
  • First Financial Daily published a story discussing President Guiliano's insights on big cities. This story was picked up by many other news outlets, including Sina.com and Sohu.com.
  • China Education News and several other outlets covered news from the megacities conference held recently in Beijing.
Oct 26 2015
NYIT Provost Speaks at U.S.-Arab Business and Tech Summit

Rahmat Shoureshi addressing the business summitBusiness leaders and researchers, including NYIT Provost Rahmat Shoureshi, Ph.D., met recently at the 2015 C3 U.S.-Arab Business Summit in New York City to pursue collaboration on critical issues like cybersecurity, "smart" cities, and bilateral prosperity. Shoureshi participated in a panel on global energy markets and their impact on the economies of the Middle East and North Africa. He also moderated a discussion on the development of “smart cities.” Read more.

Oct 22 2015
Researchers Explore Solutions at FEW Workshop

New York CityNew York was the world's first megacity.

Scientists announced new research on detecting the biological impact of megacities, among other findings, at a recent Beijing workshop focusing on the nexus of food, energy, and water (FEW) in the world’s growing big cities. With support from the United States National Science Foundation and the Natural Science Foundation of China, scholars from both China and the U.S. gathered to advance knowledge of megacities and their consequences for FEW resources. A megacity is defined as an urban area with more than 10 million inhabitants; 28 megacities currently dot the earth, with that number expected to increase to 41 by 2030. New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and Peking University organized the workshop. Read more.

Oct 20 2015
NYIT and PKU Host "Sustainable Megacities" in Beijing

Government and university officials at megacities conferenceWorld experts on food, energy, and water gathered today in Beijing at a “Sustainable Megacities” conference co-hosted by NYIT and its “EcoPartner” Peking University (PKU). Read more.

Oct 19 2015
Alumni Gather in Shanghai

Ms. Yan Zhou and President Guiliano Ms. Yan Zhou of China's Ministry of Education joined President Guiliano in greeting alumni.

NYIT President Edward Guiliano, Ph.D. and other university officials attended an alumni dinner in Shanghai this week with nearly 200 China-based alumni. Ms. Yan Zhou, Deputy Secretary General of China Education Association for International Exchange and a longtime friend of NYIT, also attended and greeted alumni. More photos.

NYIT has been offering degrees in China since 1998, and now has nearly 3000 alumni living in China. To serve their career advancement and networking needs, the university recently opened a Shanghai office. Speaking to Shanghai media of this new development, the president said, “It doesn’t matter where our alumni are in China, we will be available to help them achieve their professional goals.”

Oct 19 2015
NYIT Vancouver’s Second Annual Open House

Open House 2 Banner NYIT – Vancouver is hosting its Second Annual Open House on November 18th, 2015.

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Student Profiles
Bryan Van Vranken
Bryan Van Vranken Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Health Sciences
Class Of: 2016
Gladys Kimutai
Gladys Kimutai Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Health Sciences, B.S.
Class Of: 2015
Wendy Kadi
Wendy Kadi Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Osteopathic Medicine, D.O.
Class Of: 2014