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Oct 05 2010
Hospitality Studies & Society of Hosteur's looking for volunteers for the NY Islanders!

The 2010/2011 NHL season is here! NYIT's Department of Hospitality Studies and Society of Hosteur's are looking for volunteers once again to help the NY Islanders in the distribution of giveaways and other operations support on game day.

Interested students will support the NY Islanders NHL Hockey Club while gaining insight into operations, earning 2 hours of industry contact hours, and getting FREE parking and FREE ticket to the game!

Please note the following:

NY Islanders vs. Dallas Stars
Saturday, October 9th (students must arrive by 5pm)

**** You will need to reply to the contact indicated below via email (DO NOT REPLY TO ME!) by 3pm Thursday.

**** Follow the directions outlined in this email to sign up. Directions for parking and meeting the coordinator at the game are attached to this email.

**** If interested in the following opportunity, you must respond to the NY Islander contact person indicated below. This is a great way to have fun, represent the Hosteur's, and build your resumes and professional development.

**** Only register if you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that you can participate (you can bring a friend, as long as they assist in the giveaways too).

**** Any "no-show" to the event will be eliminated from acceptance to any future NY Islander event promoted in the Hosteur's Forum. Only reply if you are POSITIVE you can participate!

**** The number of volunteers is limited.

**** For Hospitality Majors, this will fulfill three (3) hours of your Industry Contact Hours requirement towards the Student Agreement expectations you will need to meet in your Senior Seminar course.

All volunteers will be given free parking and a complimentary ticket (upon completion of handing out the giveaway) to stay and watch the game.

Below are the directions for all volunteers. If anyone has questions, or to register, send an email to the following person:

John Dominici
Operations Coordinator
New York Islanders
(516) 501-6769

Dress code is casual but presentable (wear either Islanders colors …navy/orange OR an NYIT shirt)

All volunteers will receive free parking through VIP/Staff entrance

All volunteers will receive a free ticket upon completion of handing out the game day giveaway (you may bring a friend)

Directions for day of the game are as follows:
Volunteers can park in the staff parking lot (3rd lot on your right if going north on Earle Overington Blvd from Hempstead Trpk) for free. To get to this point, take the Meadowbrook Parkway to Hempstead Turnpike heading west. Once on Hempstead Turnpike, go past the main entrance to the Coliseum and make the next right onto Earl Overington Blvd. Make the 3rd right off Earle Overington Blvd into the VIP entrance. A parking attendant will check you in and have you park to the left. Park and then proceed to the building.

You will receive a ticket to that night’s game as well as VIP parking. VIP parking entrance is via Earle Ovington Blvd. (Hofstra side of the Coliseum, across from the Omni Building).

Once the giveaways are distributed (about 10 minutes after the start of the game), each volunteer will be given a free ticket to stay and enjoy the game.

Best wishes!

James Henry Dunne, M.A., J.D.

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