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Sep 01 2010
Available Research Projects for Grad Assistants in Fall 2010 (Dr Benjamin Khoo)

Two Graduate Assistant (GA) applications are available for any 2 of Dr Khoo's ( research projects listed below. Each applicants MUST choose only ONE of the projects listed below. It will be for the Fall 2010.

Details of requirements for Dr Khoo's GAs and DSIs are available online at:  If you meet the requirements & think one of the projects is a good fit for you, you should send Dr Khoo your application through email ( and your 1 page resume. You MUST list your GMAT or GRE scores, undergrad & grad GPA and work experience, if any. Candidates will be selected based on GMAT/GRE scores then GPA then work experience, in that order of precedence. It is highly recommended that an applicant to write a short description of what they propose to work on. It is important that applicants be specific about this write-up and provides at least an example to illustrate. This is so that Dr Khoo have an idea of what you have in mind and he will try to work with you on that or propose an alternate path.

Five possible Research Projects:
1. Internet Social Media & Network Analytics

Brief Description: This research will investigate the usefulness of Web 2.0 social media tools like Facebook, mySpace, blogs, twitter, etc to a business or university. Survey and review current usage and future potential applications. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate best practices from current usage and possible implementation issues for future applications. Case study may be used. Web analytic tools may also be used.

2. Cloud Computing – Applications & Issues
Brief Description: Cloud computing is a service-oriented business model where services or applications are available online and electronic storage facilities are also available online, some of which is free-of-charge. It is a service model for IT provision based on virtualization and distributed computing technologies: highly abstracted resources, scalability and flexibility, Shared resources(hardware, database, memory, etc...) and service on demand ‟with a pay as you go” billing system. Cloud computing is a very flexible and scalable model but is there a price to pay for businesses that adopt this model – loss of control, security & privacy risks, etc? This research will investigate the issues that affects the usage of cloud computing and its effects.

3.  RFID in the Supply Chain (and/or Internet of Things (IoT) – Security, Privacy and Governance Issues
Brief Description: One of the most important challenges in convincing users to adopt emerging technologies is the protection of data and privacy. Concerns over privacy and data protection are widespread, particularly as sensors and smart tags can track users’ movements, habits and ongoing preferences. The research will investigate the security and privacy issues in the RFID Information Infrastructure. Also, evaluate how governance can assist in mitigating these issues.

4. Future Internet of Things (IoT) Applications & its Business models
Brief Description: The move from the Internet of Computers to the Internet of Things entails a paradigm shift from a physical world to one that is a fusion with the virtual world. Digital objects in a virtual world now represent physical things.  Objects are now context-aware. They can sense, communicate and interact autonomously. The IoT will lead to new technology applications and services with higher productivity. The key features of the IoT include context aware applications; mobility of people or things, different quality of service for different types of services and customized, personalized and user-friendly applications. This new phase of the Internet will create opportunities for innovation in services relying on information related to the identity, status and location of the things (objects), and new societal services that will improve the quality of life. The research will investigate: What are the initial business applications (in an enterprise or in the home or lifestyle) and in what business model will they operate? What issues affects the IoT? etc

5. RFID in the Supply Chain & Electronic Product Code Information Service (EPCIS)
Additional skills required of the GA (can be from the College of Engineering & Computer Science) are:
1. Intermediate to Expert Java programming skills (JDK or J2EE) for web-based systems
2. Intermediate skills in the use of open source APIs for EPCIS, databases, etc
3. Intermediate skills in the use of Google Web Toolkit
4. Intermediate skills in the set-up and application of Apache & Tomcat
5. Familiar with developing hardware-software interface.

Brief Description: The RFID tag (and its reader) is now pervasive in logistic management in the Supply Chain (SC). As the tagged object flows through the SC, the tracking process involves the identification of the tag ID, the product information and the location of the reader. The location of the reader will provide details of the event that has taken place. Product data are usually stored on the manufacturer's data server. The research includes developing a system in Java to stimulate reading & processing of the tag data, retrieving the reader location and integrating product details from a data server to generate a tracking report of the events that the object had completed.
For each of these projects, the outcome will be at least 1 research paper to be published in a journal or proceedings. The GA will be the second or third co-author of this paper/s and may have the opportunity to present the paper when it is accepted for presentation (& publication) at a conference depending on the availability of funds. Dr Khoo will also write a recommendation letter for the GA based on what that GA has accomplished in this research project


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