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Mar 07 2011
State of the Department Report - Dr. Susan Neville, PhD, RN

March 2011

Dr. Susan Neville, PhD, RN
Chair, Nursing

Caring - Commitment - Scholarship - Excellence

The mission and strategic vision of NYIT’S Department of Nursing is to prepare nurses for the community-wide and institutional level roles that will meet the health care needs of a global and diverse society. Our foremost goal is to promote and demonstrate excellence in professional nursing practice, grounded within the context of a transcultural perspective. We continue to focus on our strategic plan and vision as we move forward. I want to thank my colleagues and the administration for their support in all our efforts.

At this time I would like to introduce our department faculty:

Full-Time Faculty:
Dr. Susan Neville- Department Chair, Dr. Carol Caico, Dr. Maureen Cardoza, Dr. Elaine Della Vecchia, Dr. Anne Ganzer, Dr. Patrice Hood, Professor Patricia Montano, Professor Lisa Sparacino, Dr. Cheryl Zauderer

Adjunct Faculty
Professor Jennifer Lincks- OW adjunct lab manager, Professor Magalie Alcindor, Professor Auxilium Bersamin, Professor Nancy Bohnarczyk, Professor Eileen Scanlon, Professor Pamela Treister, Professor Barbara Wighton, Professor Christine Zingale and several other long-term, highly credentialed clinical adjunct faculty

Administrative Assistants
Mrs. Helen Marie Pietro and Mrs. Veronica Valencia- Administrative Assistants, Old Westbury & Manhattan Campuses

There are several initiatives that the entire DON faculty is involved in:

  • The infusion of QSEN (Quality Safety & Education for Nurses) Initiatives throughout the curriculum, lead by Dr. Elaine Della Vecchia and Professor Lisa Sparacino.
  • The infusion of student e-Portfolios throughout the curriculum. All nursing students start their e-Portfolios in their first nursing course and finalize this initiative in their senior year in the nursing capstone course. This curriculum initiative is coordinated by Dr. Maureen Cardoza.
  • The infusion of Geriatric Content throughout the curriculum. Professor Patricia Montano and Professor Anne Ganzer are spearheading this endeavor through an educational curriculum grant from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Several faculty members are Gerontology Fellows: Dr. Susan Neville and Dr. Maureen Cardoza.
  • The infusion of Information Technology and Simulation across the curriculum. Professor Lisa Sparacino chairs this endeavor and to date six simulation scenarios have been incorporated into the curriculum- medication administration, physical assessment, pediatrics, psychiatric mental health, maternal child, and adult health.
  • The infusion of End-Of-Life content across the curriculum spearheaded by Dr. Maureen Cardoza and Dr. Carol Caico who are both certified in this area.
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records) initiative is coordinated by Professor Patricia Montano and Dr. Elaine Della Vecchia.


Faculty Achievements

Congratulations to:

  • Dr. Susan Neville:
    • Elected President of the Council of Deans of Nursing: Senior Colleges and Universities in New York State
    • Completion of the American Medical Association's Core Disaster Life Support Training Course. Certified until 2013, she serves on the board of the Nassau County Department of Health Medical Reserve Board, where she is also co-director of educational training and special needs shelters.
  • Dr. Susan Neville, Dr. Carol Caico and Professor Patricia Montano who received certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Licensed Health Care Professionals from the Nassau County Medical Reserve Corps of which all three faculty members are active members.
  • Dr. Maureen Cardoza who received her PhD from Adelphi University
  • Professor Lisa Sparacino on successful completion of her doctoral coursework and advancement to doctoral candidacy.
  • Dr. Maureen Cardoza on being selected to participate in the 2011 National League for Nursing's competitive Scholarly Writing Retreat in San Francisco, Calif., this April.
  • Dr. Patrice Hood on being elected to the board of directors of the American College of Nurse Practitioners.

Faculty continues to increase their scholarship through many departments, NYIT and professional workshops, not only in their areas of practice specialty, but also in educational pedagogy. 

Many articles, papers, symposiums and posters were presented or have been published or accepted for publication, nationally and internationally. The following is a sampling. Additional information can be found by clicking individual faculty portfolios.

  • Dr. Susan Neville, Dr. Elaine Della Vecchia, Dr. Cheryl Zauderer, Dr. Patrice Hood and Professors Lisa Sparacino, and Pat Montano (NYIT DON) completed an  End-Of-Life Nursing Education Consortium Training Course (supported by a grant from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation) and administered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the City of Hope National Medical Center.  The course was taught by Dr. Maureen Cardoza (NYIT DON) who is certified to teach and administer the course nationally. The course focused on best practices for Palliative and End-of-Life Care.

  • Dr. Susan Neville, PhD, RN Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Nursing, was interviewed and filmed as part of a professional video that opened the First Annual RNLMI Nursing Symposium: Partnering for the Future of Health Care. This conference attended by over 200 professional nurses was held at the Brooklyn Marriot on Nov 11, 2010.  The conference focused on the Institute of Medicine-Robert Woods Johnson Report on the Future of Nursing, stressing collaborative partnerships, bundling of services, effective planning and policy formation.  Dr. Neville represented the academic viewpoint and discussed the vision and role of nursing as health care partners in setting policy and meeting the health care needs of the nation.
  • Dr. Susan Neville, PhD, RN Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Nursing, interviewed and quoted in the article, "New York, New Jersey Educators Debate BSN in 10 Bills," published in the Feb. 22 issue of Nursing Spectrum.
  • Neville, S., Greer, E. (March 12, 2011) Research Paper Presentation: The Voices of Latina Women:  A Cultural Perspective on the Meaning of Femininity and Returning to Paid and Unpaid Work after Treatment: Round 1. Dr. Susan Neville, PhD, RN, Chair and Associate Professor, Nursing and Dr. Ellen Greer, Chair and Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy presented their collaborative research at the Sigma Theta Tau, International Research Association of Nursing, Alpha Phi Chapter Research Conference, Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, Hunter College of the City University of New York, New York, NY.                           
  • Caico, C. (2011). Do Perimenopausal and Menopausal Symptoms Affect the Marital Relationship? Research article accepted for publication in the Journal of Research in Nursing.
  • Vecchia, E., Sparacino, L. (July 21-23, 2011). Completing the circle: Using simulation to expand a multifaceted medication administration learning experience. Poster Presentation. 22nd Annual Nurse Educator’s Conference, Breckenridge, CO.
  • Hood, P., Cardoza, M. (March 23, 2011). Podium Presentation at the Drexel University Simulation Conference- Topic on Pediatric Death and Dying. Orlando, FL. 
  • Zauderer, C., Ganzer, C. A. (July 21-23, 2011).  Cinematic Technology: The Role of Visual Learning. Nurse Educator.
  • Montano, P. (May 12-14, 2011). Where’s the Evidence: An Informatacist’s Guide to the Search for Best Practice. Poster Presentation. ANIA/ CARING National Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Cardoza, M. (March 31-April 3, 2011). Participant Scholar at the 2011 National League for Nursing Scholarly Writing Retreat, San Francisco, CA.

Faculty continue to serve or hold leadership positions on many professional and community organizational boards, such as the Nassau County Medical Reserve Corps, the Nassau-Suffolk Council of Hospitals, The NYS Nurses Association, President of the Council of Deans of Nursing: Senior Colleges and Universities in New York State- Dr. Susan Neville, and The Council of Nurse Practitioners to name a few.

Faculty continues to be involved in IRB approved research, which involves 2 research protocols (Dr. Susan Neville and Dr. Ellen Greer- Breast Cancer, Culture & Empowerment; Dr. Patrice Hood and Professor Maureen Cardoza: Pediatric Simulation.

Other areas of faculty research interests are posted on the Nursing Website and involve: Gerontology, Patient Safety and Informatics, On-Line Teaching Pedagogy, Women’s Health, Depression and Bereavement, Simulation Technology, Quality and Safety Education for Nurses and Hip Replacement Best Practices.

The DON held its Sixth Annual Spring Colloquium in March. This year’s colloquium focused on the dynamics associated with Health Care Literacy. Over 250 health care professionals and students attended the colloquium. This initiative continues the department’s commitment to infusing evidenced based best practices as core to sustaining excellence in practice and scholarship.

The Nursing Arts Lab faculty & managers, Professor Lisa Sparacino- Nursing Arts Lab Coordinator & Instructor, Professor Jennifer Lincks- OW Lab Manager & adjunct faculty, facilitate excellence in learning and practice in our state-of-the- art nursing labs on the Old Westbury and Manhattan Campuses.

The past fall semester, our senior nursing students participated in the Nassau County Department of Health Flu Vaccination Clinics providing education and Flu shots to over 700 senior citizens. 

One of our senior nursing student- Margarita Koutsouras, has been selected as a student delegate to the 2011 Education Without Borders Conference: to be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates March 28-31, 2011.  With over 10,000 applications submitted worldwide, Margarita will join 4 other elected student delegates from NYIT at the conference

We all look forward to continuing our journey of excellence this academic year and want to acknowledge that NYIT Nurses continue to make A Difference in the lives of their Clients and Communities both local and global.

Thank You!

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